President Donald Trump enters his final full day in office – BBC News

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President-elect Joe Biden will take office at around midday on Wednesday, although much of the spotlight is on Donald Trump's final moves, including presidential pardons.

Security is intense in Washington DC ahead of the inauguration ceremony. Thousands of National Guard reserve soldiers have been deployed in the wake of the storming of the US Capitol building that left five people dead.

The FBI had earlier warned of possible protests across the nation by right-wing extremists emboldened by the invasion.

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Bob Gru says:

Very sad day for America. We are all about to see what happens to great country when socialists on steroids get hold of the purse strings.
In four years time the USA will be a shadow of what it is today.
The American people have been well and truly mugged.
Just you wait and see.

freddy says:

Good riddens.

Ang Goose says:

So impartial again. Defund the BBC.

Mike Hutchison says:

“Free at last.Free at last.Thank God almighty,free at last “….Martin Luther King.

WR 1962 says:

Hey dork he still going to be in office this is not just a military buildup for the inauguration it's a military buildup to arrest the augurators for treason where we go one we go all true Patriots We the People who bleed red white and blue peace

Anne* 411 says:

You thought all the crisis acting was bad during Trump. Thats all we will be getting now for the next 4 years

Colin G says:

78 year old dementia sufferer assumes office – the power will be in the hands of the far-left radicals in the DNC and their choice, Harris.

Young Munru says:

Democrats will setup bidens assasination tomorrow seconds after he becomes president. They will blame trump and make Harris president

bingus bingus says:

Can't wait to watch them all Leave.

KBO HQ says:

Good riddance Herr Trümp, now you can go back to spending your evenings touching up Barron while everyone else is asleep!

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