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People are more than angry: Kellyanne Conway

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Former White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway discusses public opinion of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #FoxNews #JesseWattersPrimetime

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Riko T says:

I don't like Jessica waters… if u like making jokes so much! 😎👍

Dave Linihan says:

Remember her husband! She can’t be trusted!

Lieutenant Columbo says:

JUST one more thing.. You’re right! People are fed up and lividly pissed off! And I also wonder who’s around Geriatric Joe👨‍🦽 telling him, “look at these polls big guy.. I think it’s time you consider going home and playing with that train set in the Basement..” 🤷‍♂️

Tree Herder says:

I personally know lifelong Democrats who will never vote Democrat again.

Jim Mayberry says:

Pocahontas is the poster child of a Karen

Izic Windsor says:

We smell blood………they have no clue what we the people are feeling and smelling

Chaehun Cho says:

Crime is up on every measures in the infamous and now devolved city of S F The glorious name of safety wealth and comfort of all residents n visitors alike is defunct. You know folks are reincarcerated for reasons. Rehabilitation is for folks being formerly locked up that are repentant n sober that want and deserve a second chance and to make their lives better from now by being a contributing n considerate law abiding citizen. You do not rehabilitate a criminal with zero remorse full of rage. We fix them by denying parole n super generous bailout n jail terms!

Rich T says:

DEMS need COVID to be active so they can FAKE MAIL IN VOTES AGAIN!!!

My sister Patty. says:

She always know EXACTLY what is happening.

warsawsausage says:

its that thing where dad says hes not mad just disappointed….im VERY disappointed

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