Ousted Myanmar ambassador faces eviction, appeals for UK government help

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Kyaw Zwar Minn, Myanmar’s ousted ambassador to the UK, appealed to the British government for help as he faced eviction from his London residence. The 62-year-old had to spend a night in his car last week after Myanmar’s military attaché locked him out of the embassy. He said members of his former staff delivered a letter ordering him to move out by April 15, 2021.

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Jie Su says:

oh….. come on, voting game has never been democracy ……
calling UK one of the biggest democracy? what a joke ! it is a frxxking kingdom ……🤣🤣🤣

张麻子 says:

Only the stronger the country is, the freer its people will be. Otherwise, they will be bullied

White Thunder says:

He’ll be deported back to Myanmar

Aman AK says:

I'm thinking about Rohingya.

NoCovid says:

The UK does nothing and he has to sleep in his car!?

Wow, seriously UK?
Shame on you!

Syarif Hidayat says:

As asean people, be fair enough to said we can't blame everything on the junta military.
It's aung san suu kyi who are fail to maintain stability and get loyalty from various parties.
In the first place, Myanmar is not a 100% democracy, you can't just walk out arrogantly because you are supported by democratic propaganda because the military has a history of keeping the country stable even before you were elected.
You also have to understand that this is a country that is still new in democracy and there are too many outside interference which actually affects the stability of the country.

Samurai X says:

He wanted to be the barking dog of the west and at the same time enjoy the perks of working for Burma Junta. Not gonna happen.

asdf says:

Funny, when it came to Venezuela they had no problem doing this.

malorkayel says:

we hunger games now… katness help us!

Terry Cai says:

So UK actually agreed that the decision made by military junta is legit, and just admit Military Junta as the legitimate government of Myanmar? Boycott UK.

Hanse Rickenbacker says:

Im sure one of the dozens of protestors could take him in

Hanse Rickenbacker says:

Ambassador: diplomatic immunity

Junta: oh yeah?

RealShureym says:

they did this to the rohingya

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