One America News 12PM 1/11/2021 | OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 12PM Jan 11, 2021

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One America News 12PM 1/11/2021 | OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 12PM Jan 11, 2021

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Mariana Toth says:

YOUTUBE IS TAKING DOWN all 'unflattering' remarkes about … 'leaders' like pelosi …!!! – is this the signal… to stop talking and start signing the RECALL LIST …??? 😷😷😷😷😜

Stephen Wagner says:

No immunity for big tech. How dare they delete trump

Stephen Wagner says:

Impeach pelosi and disband big tech

Mariana Toth says:

Will AMERICANS put up with socialism/dictatorship… a month … two … or three … or like East-Europeans did … for 45 y. + 30 y. since … ??? Loosing your country … to a 😜 "computer vote" glitch … ??? 🙏 Aren't enough millions of Americans to RECALL all TRAITORS in Congress and Supreme Court … ??? 🙏 The world is praying …!!! 🙏❤❤❤

Mariana Toth says:

Youtube is terminating accounts, right now, as we write here … THE PURGE IS ON … !!!

Stephen Wagner says:

God bless nunes,jordan,cruz for not jumping ship trump won

Joe Blow says:

Trump's inciting insurrection to overthrow the election he lost to install himself as the first US Dictator is FASCISM.

Kitty Perez says:

Special forces havemany laptops that have all the evidence they need to prosecute all dems in office

Janie STLA says:

Some of you have been brainwashed. Good luck to you. I sincerely hope you realize one day.

Janie STLA says:

How do you look yourself in the mirror each morning. How in the world can you defend this President after what he incited January 6th. I never listened to your station because I heard it was full of lies and conspiracy. I sure was told correct. I just wanted to see if possibly after the attack you might have a change of heart, but apparently you don’t have one. You guys should be called the Trump Propaganda Channel, news should not be allowed. I hope for the sake of this country legislation is passed in the next four years to hold all stations Left or Right responsible for false news. Trump and stations like this are the real fake news and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a major part of what is dividing this country and inciting violence.

Gus Sandoval says:

This wasn't antifa, it was everyone from Computer software specialists, to Repub Lawmaker to repubs of all walks of life most of which are out of work…..

Jarno L says:

It kind a sad that you need to prove that you didn't do fraud nowdays. The key word for oan is the evidence. If you don't have it, is there a reason for it?… And if you do why wount you step forward and present it?

salvatore difalco says:

You people are simply evil. You should be removed from YouTube for spreading evil.

philip Engleman says:

Trump should pardon all conservatives the left has unjustly convincted ever,as he goes out the door!!!

Joseph Sadler says:

I cannot believe that the American People are allowing this Communist take-over to unfold.

Please continue to lead us Mr. President Trump. Please do not give up on your People. United, then We The People will prevail.

Fernando Fallacara says:

Everybody's yelling anti

Jay Angle says:

The Pres. Election and the Ga. runoff election was fraud. Corrupt bull shit.

Janet Woodworth says:

I’m DONE with Republican Party!!! Time for new party,!!!

Brion Horvath says:

FBI Warns of Nationwide Armed Protests Planned Next Week

Brion Horvath says:

Internal FBI Memo Warns Of Armed Protests At All Capitals


thanks for have the guts to keep looking for the truth

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