Olympic athletes face Tokyo's sweltering ‘abnormal summer’

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Tokyo’s sweltering summer is adding to the pressure felt by the Olympic athletes this year. On July 21, 2021, temperatures hit 33.1 degrees Celsius (91.6 Fahrenheit) and Japan’s weather bureau issued heatstroke alerts for the fifth straight day.

Experts warned that the recent Covid-19 spike and the swell of heatstroke patients could put a strain on the health care system.

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Punisher6 says:

Some people don't understand that humidity makes it feel much hotter

Game Ninja says:

my countries team wont have an issue our temp goes up to 39 degrees

Sora says:

They have to hold the Olympics and Paralympics in the middle of summer because there are few other sports events happening in this season. This was accused of even before covid. Lately in Japan, weather forecasters often say “it’s dangerously hot outside.” Why do they hold in such harsh conditions? Because of money of course. I fear that this Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be one of the most shameful ones.

John Glen Kim says:

japan: "33°c is so swelteringly hot"

Philippines: "that's normal, come to our country so you may experience a 50°C heat"

Slo Mo says:

Fake news. There's a snow storm right now in Cambodia

Sgt Puke says:

33 is normal in karachi pakistan

Sgt Puke says:

here it goes to 46 degrees

Dumb Comment says:

Places either raining hellsscape or boiling hot hellsscape, not that 33 is hot but it's very abnormal for Tokyo

Homie Champion says:

Oh no! Even the earth hate Japan!

Dill R says:

LOL! I thought it was going to be some extreme heat…….. I'm in Texas, and the temp. has been in the 90's this past week, and WHAT A BLESSING it has been to cool off!

부디구해줘 says:

33°c is normal in philippines,tbh its not too hot. We experience 42°c and we still drink coffee lol

Kenny Simpson says:

Jesus Christ is coming, call upon him and accept God's free gift of salvation, time is very short now.

K says:

Well what are they suppose to be competing in? the cold?

crazylittlebigthings says:

33 degrees is already too warm for some people?

Gilang Puce says:

33 degree , is a an average in indonesia…

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