North Korean leader Kim Jong-un vows to strengthen nuclear arsenal as party congress closes

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North Korea’s party congress came to a close on January 12, 2021. The meeting, the first gathering of the ruling Workers’ Party since 2016, drew thousands of delegates at the April 25 House of Culture in the capital Pyongyang. During his closing remarks at the congress, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un vowed to strengthen the country’s nuclear arsenal and military capabilities.

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M E G A M I N D says:

World: we are in future
North korea: still in 1917 world war 🤣

maya s says:

All got up, clapped, sat down same timings and sync …Gosh…

Andy Gregory says:

Very regimental country, even the way everyone clap, it seems very orchestrated

dong wang says:

If China didn't make nukes in 20the century,China won't be able to like today.

dong wang says:

There are only several countries which are totally independent in reality.

Frances Annette says:

That doesn't look like him, he was switched by his cousin.

Tubetube Commentor says:

External threat: nukes!
Internal threat: nukes!

This way Kim can stay in power outside and inside NK

Chris Ng says:

Strengthen the economy with nuclear power… What????

R Bac says:

thank you scmp… for a hlimpse of north korea/kim jong un…

terseduck says:

Everything in North Korea is in geometry

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