North Korea moves to boost nuclear arsenal

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An important gathering of North Korea’s governing party leadership has wrapped up with a commitment to further develop the country’s nuclear arsenal.
The party Congress outlined Pyongyang's policy agenda, as it prepares for a change of leadership in Washington.
Al Jazeera's Rob McBride reports from Seoul.

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Yondu says:

If you have Nukes & ICBM
You have Peace & Sovereignty
– Kim Jong Un
Keep progressing Kim
Peace out

Hesoye Karatazateu says:

The first order in real life 💯

jamal khedira says:


E Ng says:

So glad all those rumours were wrong. But Kim shld lose some weight for his own sake .

iltifat yousuf says:

I call him " MOMO 🥟"

Ibrahim Ali says:

Kim!! Don't give up do more than expected to strengthen your power

Pothead Inc says:

No one travel or leaves North Korea of course no one has covid 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Billal Hossain Francis says:



North Korea > South Korea


Looking for attention in order to get some sort of new deal from Joe Biden. If that does not work he will fire couple of missiles, America will react. Kim knows what he is doing.

X ShockWaveAMG says:

Americans can see right through this, china is using North Korea to try to force the Biden team to the negotiating table to offer biden north Korean concessions for sanction relief. Not going to work. China doesn't realize that the US realizes that china is only destabilizing it's own backyard. We should develop missile defense and laser technology. Which hurts Chinese missiles too. That would force the chinese to actually curb the north koreans nuclear development.

Stevin Harper says:

They may have nukes besides those they have no real military power most soldiers are starving like the citizens and alot likely to defect if given chance

Sam Talukder says:

North and South Korea we want to be peace ✌️

Kuya Gio. says:

Those who sympathize with North Korean regime should go there and live for a month to know the real situation of North Korean living in where they lack food, electricity, and freedom.

Tazboy says:

Oppa Pyongyang style🗿💃🕺

John A-S says:

Well done Long live N Korea.

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