No choice but to retaliate | Moscow responds to new US sanctions

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The White House says it is expelling Russian diplomatic staff and imposing a wave of new sanctions. Moscow says it has no choice but to retaliate.


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PLARH8R1 says:

The us does whatever only 2%of it's population tells it to do. The us government is a puppet of Israel and who ever has money and power they are 2nd . Americans are not being represented by it's government they don't care about their citizens

John Auner says:

Biden's actions indicate a change of policy. Biden will not recognize the billionaire oligarchs as distinct from Putin who obviously pulls the strings. Russia will adjust.

Binay kumar says:

Putin don't care about your sanctions. Soon east Ukraine will again be part of Russia.

Ridwan Manurung says:

Russia confused America, the US ran out of ways to silence Russia. whereas millions of past sanctions could not weaken Russia

michel séguin says:

dictator in china and in russia korea iran dangerous world

H.R. Fdez says:

Sanctions on Russia? Like the Russians Mueller charged knowing they will never be prosecuted?


RAY RAY says:

The communists attack the United States and then threaten retaliation . Lol

Yo Yo says:

Good. More sanctions on Russia please.

AWESOME Panda says:

These U.S. Evil Clowns will eventually set their foots on their own MOUSE TRAPS…

Thomas Martin says:

All of our so called allies should take notice before committing follow the leader game that the US likes to play.

Europa says:

The US has been the world's bully for long enough, its about time someone puts them in their place.

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