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Monkey in China mimics man’s movements

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A man and a monkey in a zoo in northeastern China’s Liaoning province were filmed mimicking each other’s movements. When the man was about to leave, the monkey kept hitting the window, so the man returned and spent more time with it.


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Afnan art says:

Just dont eat him….chinese r famous for eating anything

A W says:

Chimpanzees are apes not monkeys

Sam Hall says:

Absolutely awful!!!! There’s nothing funny or happy about captive animals ESPECIALLY if they’re being made fun of

Chan Xavier says:

Plot twist: it’s actually a mirror.

HiveMistress says:

Even now with our worldwide mess, someone still makes a friend! 😉

KaPowProduction says:

He was dancing to U Can’t Touch thus by MC Hammer

Itz_Noobii says:

reject humanity, return to monke

Somebody's Soul says:

Here's your dislike.

Somebody's Soul says:

On the contrary…. the man mimics the monkey.

Amir Moezz says:

Monkey society:
Who's the clown now!

ShiJie 12311 says:

And he never left the zoo ever since

Free Thought says:

Actually the monkey is teaching the man how to be a monkey.

R P says:

Two apes playing with each other.

Cloaking Zues says:

Go back to monke

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