Millions of displaced Afghans fear for future

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Millions of people displaced by decades of war in Afghanistan are increasingly concerned by instability in the country. Those living in makeshift camps fear they may have to stay longer.

Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.


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Tavuzzi Pust says:

Send them to Qatar.

Pamela Wing says:

I don't think the Taliban thought about what it takes to be totally responsible for a country and it's people. There are NGOs that the Taliban have allowed to remain in the country, but the UN and G20 countries are supposed to be sending money. They are negotiating with the Taliban on how this will be done, doubting that the Taliban can manage it and that it will get to where it's needed. I read that China has offered or pledged 31 million dollars of aid…well where is it? An offer or a pledge is just that, it's not the money. That was back in September.

People need work and women need to work. How many are war widows with children to care for and there are no jobs for them. Either the jobs aren't there or the Taliban won't let them work. Men AND women are taking care of the children of relatives that have been killed. There are so many people like this all over the world. Human folly is the cause. We just can't help ourselves.

martin booker says:

Ita all about that VILE religion ….. seems most of the worlds problems stem from it

Gopal a says:

Will Al Jazeera cover riots and crime committed on Minority Hindus in Bangladesh..
Temples Vandalised and people killed?

BDS80 BDS80 says:

Thanks to irrelevant apartheid ZIONIST BUSH/BLAIR'S REGIME'S led terrorism act & WAR CRIMINALS TOO… via occupational Iraq, Palestinian/Syria to LIBYA etc.

BDS80 BDS80 says:

& also thanks to fake BARBARIAN democracy fundamentally ideologically & peacekeepers led terrorism act & fake withdrawal led too. & OPIUM WARLORDS Marches on. Via pathetic sanctioned blockade etc & TOXIC vaccines BOMBINGS too.

BDS80 BDS80 says:

Thanks to vile apartheid ZIONIST western/RUSSIA all parties, INDIA enslaved & western/india backed guaidio & Taliban proxy led terrorism act & fake withdrawal led too. & OPIUM WARLORDS too. Also created the refugee homelessness displaced etc since 80s era & beyond. Held accountable &responsible as usual.

Oracle X says:

If the milions had fought seriously and determinedly against the Taliban thugs, instead of hiding behind the westerners, they would not now be "displaced".

Āris Plūģis says:

do not come to Europe. we are not welcoming anymore. we erect walls.

M A says:

We all hav fears for future. Enough about afghanistan.

Aimee says:

The faces behind the tragedy of war. My heart is broken.

Suresh Girirao says:

How can they manage 9 children? no money! no job!

Mr AA says:

Lot of Afghans they say I have 10 plus children but when you ask them which ones are yours (biological one) they will point to only few.
Others are from their relatives and friends who lost their lives in war .

hybrid alien says:

We gave them everything for 20 years and they let it go in a matter of three days.. they pay the consequences for their actions now… to fight and die for their freedom is something they will not comprehend

Matthew Avritt says:

Oldest history of the world,most backwards of the world. What a mess.

Naveed Anjum says:

Hashim great

Hour Bee says:

American occupation taught him to have nine children?

Muhammad Abdullah says:

This is what US Wars OF Terror gives the world – poverty, destruction, crises & a corrupt puppet democracy

Fuji says:

Honestly, why would you have 11 children if you can't afford to raise them. They need to learn personal responsibility.

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