Migrants stranded on Bosnia-EU border in freezing weather

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Dozens of heated tents for migrants have been set up in Bosnia and Herzegovina along its border with the European Union.
Aid agencies warned that hundreds of people were stuck across from Croatia, in the freezing cold with nowhere else to go.
Until now, Bosnian politicians have refused to accommodate them on their journey.

Many have found shelter in the city of Bihac which was heavily bombed during the Bosnian war.
Al Jazeera's Andrew Chappelle reports.

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Ness D.B says:

Why can't the Bosnian govt contact migrant's embassies and let them pay back for deportation????

Robert Skolimowski says:

I'm a Christian, but I'm ashamed by many Christians (in name only) in Europe…

Halal Police says:

May Allah SWT help the Ummah 😢This happen when we don’t have Islamic governments.

Sukai Penn says:

Freedom peace and Blessings 🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗

Shivers says:

I guess they shouldn't have burned down their housing.

Chaudhary Sohail Rehman says:

plz come back look at your self & your life there plz come back plz

Drpeppa says:

They burnt the camp down 100 millions spent on them they chose to bite the hand that feeds them

abdiqadir isaack says:

Aljazera and Qatar must have to help them

Vegan4life1 says:

Should have stayed home. Is it really worse in your own country.? Life isn’t a hand out. Deport them back to country of origin. Simple. Send them back. Discourage others from coming. It’s not a better life, and these people just complain that they should be given everything for free. Unbelievable!

Minji Kim says:


Roman aus Wien says:

Those poor people! In Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it would certainly not be so cold.
They complain about room and board in Bosnia, but they don't pay a cent for it. On the contrary, some of them even destroy by arson the tents in which they are generously allowed to live.

X ShockWaveAMG says:

Someone give them a boat ride home! They cant live in the that winter. Where Are the Turkey boats that left them Stranded there. Are they just assuming they arent responsible too?


Hello Europe is being ravage by covid do you think they’ll prioritise refugees… they’ll spend their money on vaccines and heath care system of their country


God have mercy on them 🙏

Game On says:

Nobody is left to die in the snow 🙄 cop yourself on Al Qaida Jazeera🙄 they have EU money NGOS and Allah to help them

SalmaniE says:

Bosnia is a poor country? I know their trying to enter the EU but please don’t blame the host country?

thangam thangathurai says:

why qutar not help ?

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