Mexico: asylum seekers stalled at US border, fear COVID outbreak

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Human rights groups are warning about the spread of COVID-19 in camps of asylum seekers on the border between the US and Mexico.
Thousands of people are crowded into unsanitary camps, making it impossible to practise social distancing.
And while communities along the joint border are getting inoculated, the jabs are not reaching these camps.

Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from the border city of Tijuana, Mexico.

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Jorge Barajas says:

Cross into Mexico and other countries illegally, start demanding things.

Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says:

humans are not guinea pigs!

Bill Nye says:

Asylum from what ? the circus ? Central America is beautiful. Go back.

Emma Peel says:

"it's not the same as being at home. it's difficult." .. stay home?
"because Chicken Pox can be easily treated.. unlike Covid" .. not true for adults. it's as deadly for older people.

yooser naime says:

Turn around. The US is not a dumping ground for failed states' populations. Lousy conditions at home? …fix them.

Ni Be says:

Mr beiden pls help this people they need help

Axxess Mundi says:

Why aren't they seen as genetic natives of the land instead of political gentrification labels?

Ken Fu says:

you latinos go to america and every war refugee that the usa created too

letsgetsocialinfo says:

Go back home..

Twisted-Afro says:

Why chose to sleep outside at the border if you can’t get into your country of choice due to lack of citizenship? Just stay in your home country until you obtain citizenship. I guess that makes too much sense 😂.

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