McEnany torches liberal media's 'heinous' coverage of Russia bounty story

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The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to U.S. Intel backtracking on Russian bounty reports.

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Dark Skon says:

putin is good for russia change my mind

CatsFerDays says:

Hey fox can you make all your videos comments enabled? You look nervous when a touchy video comes out and you can’t comment. Stop

Solder4love says:

Are things that bad that noone is standing up to all the lies???

Loser Trump says:

Coming for former press secretary Kaleigh or Kookoobird, whatever her name is, who was COMPLETELY silent when loser Trump sent his butt ugly insurrectionist mobs to violently attack our Capitol on 1/6/2021!!!!!!

Mark Cappiello says:

The media controller is trying to start a war ,,,Soroes

anita hand says:

oh those russians … at it again? election interfering in 2020 same as in 2016? they are bad right? lol it would be laughable if it wasnt so idiotic and governments way of deflecting from real issuea. so you are not allowed to comment on the "frack wives latter" leader buying up all those houses? nothing to see there anyway right? puh-thetic but still not as bad

Tyler Durden says:

7:55. She said doo doo

M M says:

Why do you need five people to discuss a topic?

Donegal62 says:

The media is so far left now that their stories aren’t “news” anymore, they’re smear campaigns.

Baruch Spinoza says:

I hope that one day that McEnany runs for the Senate, and then for president.

A Dubz says:

This should not be allowed to happen. They lied their entire way through the election to the American people. The media is getting people hurt and with no price to pay. It’s disgusting.


At least they covered it, fox is too busy bitching about masks.

wormwood 7 says:

Press that continue to perpetuate lies and instigate hate and civil unrest should be held accountable. It's my opinion that it makes them enemies of the nation and that's how they should be treated .

Ian wilkinson says:

The left is just trying to deflect attention off China.

Intercashtional Tad Battlz LLC says:

i though it was us against Russia not dems against gop…Fox please explain russia is very hostile actor against us …so don't press russia ?

Preston R says:

Trump was so on the money when he said the press is the enemy of the people! WAKE THE F#*€ UP DEMS AND REP YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING STRIPPED FROM YOU

Dan Bartko says:

It was and is more than theater.
This was purposeful and intentional
degradation aimed at the president
in order to do what the faux press does best,influence the naive half population
into believing that Mr.Trump did not care
about a matter that people hold close to
their hearts.That he had malicious intent
behind his treachery to this country.
As we have always known,it is the
faux media and corrupt politicians that
are the ones devoted to the destruction
of Western Civilization,and should be
named and dealt with by military law.

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