McEnany blasts Biden admin for 'appalling lies' on border crisis

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‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses messaging from the White House amid the crisis at the U.S. southern border.

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Rick Morris says:

How much better are you than trump 🖕

Mr. Leslie says:

They WALKED across an entire CONTINENT … I don't think they're here for a packet of peanuts.

Rita Shoffstall says:

Where are our Republican leaders. Why aren't they doing all they can to stop this mess.The Dems gave president Trump hell for 4 years for nothing. All I hear is talk and no action from the Republican leaders.

M F says:

oh they're not coming over here for a long period of time they just want to see the twin towers where they blew them up they want to see the statue of liberty or maybe two weeks and then they'll go back to the third world country yeah that's what they'll do no need to give them any shots or you know just let the guys come in and go they just visiting yeah holy s*** what bunch of idiots we got at the White House

Astro Cross says:

I hope you guys don't all believe the lies because we can see it with our eyes we're not stupid and dumb and exactly and I'm going to come over here all that way to sit down and then go back duh I mean do they think we're stupid or what oh my God please help America in Jesus mighty holy name……

human being says:

Please….. Somebody tell me how anyone could believe the lies this Administration is spitting out?

Deborah Easterly says:

They need to send them ALL back. People need to realize that america cannot feed the whole world. We will eventually run short of food water and land. Land that is needed to produce our food . Where do ppl think our food comes from. It has to be grown and harvested.

James Maduabuchi says:

The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual's list is to invest in different stream of income and don't depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting the economy

Gary Frey says:

I can’t see WHY Paski can stand there and lie over and over again.

laughing man says:

Biden & Harris should be impeached

A Guy Named Something says:

"Smoke a joint, and see the humor in it."

– Kamala Harris

amj2020 says:

Forever ain’t that long too a demonrat

KRATOS says:

Brilliant women , more women should think like that 👍 very intelligent and real news

Andrew Faber says:

The White House has sent us all mixed messages, with Joe Biden vacationing and Kamala laughing her way out of the truth. It's no wonder there ain't anyone in there who should remind him by saying, "Joe, you're the president of the US, do your job!"

Alex Estrin says:

BORDER ?….Kamala says…I'VE BEEN THERE…
I'M "VP" (very passionate) about going to EUROPE…hahaha…

I am DOING WHAT I AM ORDERED TO DO….say something STUPID and WALK AWAY…just like JOE !
hahaha…WE..follow the SCRIPT

AMERICA….wake up and FOLLOW
with us ! it's SO EASY….We speak
a few words..YOU OBEY ! simple


everything…UNDER CONTROL
hahaha….that's why YOU VOTED
FOR US….hahaha…to UNDO EVERYTHING…and we are!…

your BACK…hahaha…he SAYS
and YOU DO IT …then like him

This is the NEW NORMAL for a.
NEW AMERICA…follow…and
keep the MASK ON…

Bev M says:

I wish I could fire this administration 😒

Miguel Lomeli says:

They don’t intend to stay now is like when she said that the citizens who wanted to come back from Afghanistan could

Ralph Wilso says:

The intention, she lies for a living

Nina Contratto says:

“The intention for them is to leave”……..Pasaki is as big a liar as Biden…puking out the book of Whitehouse stances

A Guy Named Something says:

"I am closely monitoring the border situation from my basement, and everything seems just fine folks."

– Joe Biden

Peri Jetton says:

I am disgusted with Psacki! Biden has some excuses because he’s a cognitive mess but she’s not and she’s just a liar 🤥

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