McConnell signals support for Trump impeachment: NYT Report

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New York Times is reporting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel believes impeachment will make it easier to rid Trump from the GOP. Rep. Liz Cheney says she will vote "yes" on impeachment. #FoxNews

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Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Impeach the Impeached!

Brandon says:

Anonymous source from the NYT, what is Fox News?

Chris McBee says:

What movement? The AMERICAN first movement? All this is bogus. We all saw the video and ANTIFA was front and center. President Trump ask for a peaceful assembly. We heard him.

RedWave ComingAgain2021 says:

Mitch won't do it, Trump 2024

39thala says:

They say Trump 'incited' the riots when he merely told his supporters, "…we’re going to have to fight much harder. ..We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, …You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” Note that he never said to riot or break into the building. And YET, Kamala Harris during this last summer, is on the record saying of the BLM and Antifa rioters, that they wouldn't stop burning cities and added, 'nor should they'!" But do they accuse her of inciting or promoting violence? No,…they make her Vice president!

Heinrich Hiddler says:

I will never vote for another Republican – spin off a new party

brewgeek1 says:

Say goodbye RINOS during your next primary.

Venus Rising says:

This Witch Hunt has gotten completely out of hand. The House is using impeachment as a political tool.
This President will be out of office in 8 days. This is ridiculous & a disgrace. Calling for Senators Cruz & Hawley to be put on the no fly list? For following perfectly legal procedures in the Senate? Liz Cheney joining the Witch hunt in the House.? I expected better from our representatives from BOTH sides of the aisle. Will everyone please find their ADULT personas & handle this situation with some dignity, decorum & respect for the rule of law? Or have we turned that corner into a Banana Republic? 74 MILLION Americans voted for President Trump. Show some respect to them as well as the Office of President of The United States. Grow up & move on. Enough !

Gunnar Spencer says:

Brett Hume, wrong, wrong, wrong! What a dirty snake Fox is.

Zachary Kuhn says:

Trump really did the Republicans like that

Heinrich Hiddler says:

McConnell will be shot in the streets

Debbie Jenkins says:

McConnell is a wussy! And Republicans you're acting like big chickens 🐔! Come on did you forget about the previous protests and destruction in our cities. Whose side are you on? You all know good and well this previous election was not legit. I'd love to see the counts vs registered voters on the books, etc. Im not agreeing on the capital stupidity it was wrong. But really you political people have created this frustration and atmosphere for 4 years! Shame on you all!

Trina LovesQQPlus1745 says:

President Trump has always kept His Oath! Continues to Do So!!

Brian Trimboli says:

McConnell is a part of the swamp and is afraid of what Info trump is about to release

Kevin Hoag says:

Movement has just begun!! Communist will be removed!!!!!


i was a republican til i seen this, ill be changing to independent

Joseph Saxton says:

Cocaine mitch is worried about his Chinese connections

Heinrich Hiddler says:

Time for a new party – no more Republicans ever

c s says:

ROCKY–Turtles, domestic turtles …
MICKEY–Yeah, they make a good soup.

Reba B says:

These people must be on drugs. What a bunch of spineless, self-serving, belly-crawling neanderthals.

Trina LovesQQPlus1745 says:

Another Impeachment try to Cover Up Their crimes!

Jason Pierce says:

fake news anyone who had watched these are a f**** idiot and doesn't understand they're losing their constitutional rights to a dictatorship.

bearrally888 says:

The house of criminals need to come down. A new party must start

Trina LovesQQPlus1745 says:

McConnell = CCP

Mike Proctor says:

Ditch the Mitch.

Chris Gressell says:

PUSSYS!!! Welcome to China everyone!!!
No one is hated more than he who tells the truth!!! 1984!!!!

Mike says:

McConnell's nose is too brown to change now, permanently stained.

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