Markets Dip on Dashed Stimulus Hopes — DiMartino Booth on RT

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Markets Dip on Dashed Stimulus Hopes — DiMartino Booth on RT

COVID-19 cases continue to soar around the globe and the World Health Organization is issuing some dire warnings, with virtually no hope for another coronavirus stimulus package before the US election. Plus, the US is aiming to challenge a World Trade Organization ruling in favor of China amid its ongoing trade fight with the world’s second largest economy.


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Jamah murphy says:

My two favs on 1 stage?!… Love to see it.

patchpeek says:

Great color coordination: both frocks matching the anchor tie.

Christopher Dennis says:

I thought your supposed to buy and hold so why all this rotation into this, rotation into that every two weeks or so? I thought it was just retail traders jumping in and out?

Christopher Dennis says:

Freedom is nothing left to buy!

Christopher Dennis says:

Dashed stimulus hopes!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

McFrog says:

"Range expansion" a financial speak euphemism for "selloff."

Tom Jones says:

Gridlock is my favorite government. Every time one party gets in charge of everything….the country goes to pot. Doing nothing is the best policy.

No Name says:


Bill Britton says:

FED has become a beggar for. ‘product’. Who would have predicted?!?

ain't dat snipes says:

One empty suit after another leading the country right down the shitter!

Ann Raybon says:

so borrow money you don't have and can't pay back, to buy stuff you don't need, so the stock market goes up, so the rich get richer. smh.

Nova superb says:

Hopefully gold go down more so I can buy extra oz 🙏

Сергей Тимченко says:


Patrice Morris says:

Yes. Consumption is down. Humanity is WINNING!

Elizabeth Libero says:

The republican senate doesn’t give a flying f about the citizens. In May they said DOA took several breaks, Pelosi came down to meet them in the middle, no. Then Mitch says 500t but can’t get several republicans to vote yes. God help this country if we don’t turn the senate blue.

Peri Kimball says:

They’re criminal feeding the stock market all artificial, making rich richer & poor poorer, don’t care 🤷‍♀️ for the American people’s

John Miller says:

Millions unemployed, no FREE money coming = BIG Christmas spending = stk mrkt higher. REALLY?

Charles V says:

The Christmas grinch is coming this year. Thanks 2 both parties.

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