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Man’s incredible tricking skills go viral online in China

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A man from southern China’s Guangdong province attracted fans online for his incredible tricking skills. The 24-year-old stunt coach can flip and twist in a single jump, and flip up to 16 times in a row.


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Yummy Durian says:

Mad skills. And here I am a coward, afraid of hurting myself.

D T says:

nothing to say… 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

St. MARK says:

They should make him the new SPIDERMAN.

Ireneskie 47 says:

Wow, this is the true essence of practice makes perfect! But, on my case, I probably be in the hospital after several attempts. Lol!

0 Fox given says:

Wow.. That is absolutely impressive . I can only imagine how free that must feel , flying around like that. I can do a front flip on out trampoline and into the water but that's it as I'd never ever attempt it on a hard surface !

Shu Yang says:

I am wondering how many flips Olympic gymnasts can do

Domniac Corp. says:

How can he contribute to society? 😂
These stunts were considered as mere entertainment back in the days. No value at all.🙏🏼

Let’s Get Real says:

Jacky Chan n Jet Li is lucky they are not in the same era as this guy. Otherwise, the movie tickets money will be a 3 way split instead of 2.😀

Aqeel Kirmani says:

All I see is Kakashi Hatake!

Mane Trigolini says:

China is now the new global leader in every single aspect!

Mannan Mv says:


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