Malaysia declares state of emergency over COVID-19

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Malaysia's king has declared a state of emergency at the request of the country's embattled prime minister.
Muhyiddin Yassin says additional powers are needed to stop a surge in COVID-19 cases.
The country is reporting almost 2,500 new infections every day.
But critics say it is an attempt by an unstable government to cling to power.

Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports.

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GrK38 says:

Who believes in Malaysia's covid numbers anyway?? Clearly they LIE – the true numbers are FAKE – only 559 deaths I dont think so!!

Qwerty Vids says:

no emergency > Government need to dissolve as Muhyiddin does not have any majority in Parliament…there is two way to out from here, either form another weak government under PH or to call a general election…both are messy as h3ll…

farhan hakimi says:

Yes i agree that muhyidin is trying to protect his power despite he lost the majority support in parliament…and i also agree with this…political issue from opposition and umno that try to force make election…with this declaration… political situation in Malaysia will be stable and peaceful …we should learn from Sabah State Election, because the poltician crave for power…it effect the whole nation, because politician, covid 19 spread became more serious like now…we dont want this crazy craving of power make malaysian citizen suffer…we should learn from past…in the same time..this will help health autorities to use private healthcare asset to reduce covid 19 cases…this is up to malaysian citizen to decide this declaration state of emergency is good or not…we as human always have different opinion…this issue has pro anda contra…

Mrlanlanpapa1 says:

incapable prime minister in the history


MALAYSIA/INDONESIA flags; flop 53 states Marches on. Or recolonized or YINON plan Marches on…


MALAYSIA/INDONESIA: endless DESTABILIZING instability or oblirated etc again. Or ANTI CHINA AGENDA AGAIN? Or predictably.


Another forced REGIME'S change & ASSISSANTED or fake democracy fundamentally led strikes again or predictably.


Abolish all monarchies

DCLXVI says:

power greed 🤘

Julian Jacob says:

Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

nder BaronBaro says:

Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Terry Florence says:

Fake-positive test results assure the untruthful " malady from the east" somehow muttates FROM nothing TO something… Clearly, Darwin IS NOT duffy le duck. spontaneous evolution; rite before our MASKS…

Flippant Weirdo says:

Civilian government my foot😂
kerajaan pintu belakang 😂😂😂

rashid kaleem says:

Here in india govt has launched a vaccine without the result of 3 rd phase and they are pushing on common people with there massive state media propoganda….world should take notice.

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