Life, Liberty & Levin | 9/26/21 FOX Breaking News Today TRUMP, September 26, 2021

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馃憠馃徎 FOX Breaking Trump News 2024 Early Update :
馃敶 FOX and Friends 馃敶America’s Newsroom With Bill Hemmer & Dana Perinor 馃敶The Faulkner Focus 馃敶Outnumbered 9/26/21.
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frankie1969 campbell says:

Both the people out both the people out the ones that ain't from this country both them out if they're not from this country both them out

frankie1969 campbell says:

They're going to steal our money they've been money laundering have them arrested American people they are stealing your money

Charles Bidwell says:

Obama said " don't underestimate the ability to fk things up!

James McDonald says:

L + L + Lavin….hey bud, you forgot one L in you title—–LOONATIC

Charles Bidwell says:

Ducey and jones for congress!

Marie Barnes says:

Welcome to Dictatorship!
Joe Biden is a looser!
That's why we no longer have Borders!

Gerald Brunken says:

Yoi american are????

Imnotanalien says:

I am reading your book American Marxism鈥. Of all the scenarios of what this country could become鈥 with so many college educated people鈥. Marxism would not have been on the list. Corruption has permeated through out our society and the government is by- passing law and ruling by regulation (which can be easily manipulated by lawyers). I haven鈥檛 finished the book yet鈥. I鈥檓 hoping you talk a little bit about the UN Global Equity Initiative. If you don鈥檛鈥. maybe your next book. The UN has become communist also鈥.. and very powerful!! I always enjoy watching your show and love it when you are giving some crooks a shout out!!

Robert Holt says:

If not for Trump and his administration we would still be searching for a COVID vac. Biden has failed at everything he touches. Now he wants to bankrupt America. Do your part and contact your Congressman.

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