La Palma feels force of 50 QUAKES in one night

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There were at least 50 quakes of 3.5 magnitude on the island on Saturday night, according to Spain’s National Geographic Institute, after another crater opened up on the northeast side of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. It is currently releasing LAVA and SMOKE, and seismic activity has increased.

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Sorelly Sorelly says:

Volcano is warning, people has to evacuate the whole island!!

Alexander Preston says:

Doctor Evil is going to need to redecorate.

What Are People Saying? says:

I feel as if the earth is ready to blow up

SilverBlackBird1989 says:

Soon whole island will sink in sea.

Tamara Hagenbeek says:

50 Quakes according to the National Geografic Institute. A television broadcaster only counts how many shots were recorded or programmes that were aired.

Vasilije 888 says:

Stop forcing Gods people to except this mark of the beast or this might turn into a nightmare and flood the Florida. AMIN

Trumpet is about to sound says:

The Lord is calling all to true repentance.
Romans 10:9, to get saved.

Alec says:

Guy's which one of you changed the codes too the simulation 🤔

Die Ordnung says:

the hell wants the globalists

Jungle Gangster says:

the erath cleans itself

Jason Miller says:

That sure would help them with their plan to destroy America

steve linbergbaby says:

The gift that keeps on giving✌️

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