Keeping Healthy During COVID with Dr. David Buchin

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After Hours catches up with Dr. David Buchin – director of bariatric surgery at Northwell Health-Huntington Hospital – to get a doctor’s perspective on the dangers of glorifying obesity during a time of COVID-19.

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Pongo Huston says:

The Lockdown is permanent!

Morgellons with Zach says:

Must see!!!! Leading Doctors appeal to congress. Say IVERMECTIN is like a COVID miracle drug if there ever was one.

guy sumpthin says:

Eat extra zinc , and no white sugar (generally flu grows in your stomach on refined sugar)

Daves here man says:

There is no pandemic

ScottW says:

Under age 65, this is a flu year in terms of Covid fatalities. Most deaths from Covid are over age 85..okay, they got mail in ballots to steel the election. Can we take the masks off now?

Daniel Son says:

Where's the Capitol Hill coverage ????? swipe it under the rug … Aonn is state televison!! Chinavision 3.0 !!!!

Papa J the Mountainaire Kid says:

Lol… let’s just pretend that the virus isn’t a dem hoax and that OAN hasn’t been lying to feed fabricated outrage to trumptard republicans contributing to turning republitards into grossly misinformed criminals …all to be able to sell ad space.

Zachary Bergman says:

Nothing to see here folks, not a fucking violent insurrection that happened today. No siree bob

DagobahDave says:

OAN still eating those Trump steaks.

R3_ D2 says:

Fox stabbed rights and now oann.. rights are starting to run out of places to hide. Aww..

Jeanie Rides says:

Start the “PATRIOT PARTY” Everyone who has been betrayed by the Republican and Democratic Parties leave both, 80 million voters who Love America and our flag 🇺🇸and Constitution would destroy the 2 parties who have deserted the citizens of the United States of America.

Major Payne says:

Better than North Korean propaganda! Country is in a downward spiral because of your rhetoric and you divert your viewers attention. Sleazeballs

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