Kayleigh McEnany: This is a lose-lose for Dr. Fauci

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‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany discusses Rand Paul and Fauci clash on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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Rob T says:

"Vaccines that are incredibly effective" which vaccines is she talking about? Not the current ones they're not in the least and not even the manufacturers would say that.

Mike Oz says:

Dr Frankenfauci

Ed Smith says:

Fauci knows. Fauci lied. Ya know, this is the man who said; "Hopefully we won't reach Herd immunity before we have a vaccine". Why not? Monetary gain? He and Gates are tight. I think Fauci needs a Forensic exam of his finances, associates, boards, investments, collaboration and boards he sits on.

nick mcdonald says:

fauci is a dirty dem…. thats why the protect him.

Scott says:

What does this have to do with “Business”, Fox Business?

amos jaramillo says:

Why is it not understood, they were collectively, creating Bio weapons

Steven Weintraub says:

Fauci eat chit


We are all praying to the good Lord that obiden and the demarats are no longer in office come 2024 Much sooner would be preferred

Tom Madigan says:

A good place to start reversing our problems it to start shooting the lying bastards

Mecha Monsters says:

God I miss the Trump Presidency with Kayleigh and her binder of notes armed and ready.

Adam B says:

So 18 months later and they are now doing all this investigating? Like they planned this for years. Fox is the only news I watch

Shawn Koshan says:

She' so hawt !

eLi FILMS says:

Stay close to the Story so you can point all evidence away from yourself. Classic Criminal revisiting the scene of the crime stuff here. FAUCI for PRISON!!!!

Frank says:

I wonder what Jen thinks when she hears Kayleigh talk ?that poor Jen should just quit..that poor girl can only handle so many lies..

eLi FILMS says:

FAUCI for Prison

BIDEN Admin for Prison

TRUMP for President

Jim Burley says:


scorptarget says:

Fraudci 4 GITMO

leo bretz says:

people its time to wake up! and stand up for freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valorie Salzman says:

We know … We know he's a traitor and should be gone!

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