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Japan embraces robot ‘pets’ as companions to ease pandemic isolation

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Whenever Nami Hamaura feels lonely, all she has to do is talk to her singing companion: a robot named “Charlie”, who will respond with some calming music. Charlie is part of a new generation of cute and clever robotic “pets” being developed in Japan, where sales of automatons have boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Technology firms report huge demand for more humanlike robot alternatives, especially from people seeking solace in coronavirus-induced isolation.


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Sarah May Arenas says:

Loving inanimate objects, no life, no feelings.. I feel sad..

mrbryce says:

What pandemic?? Idiots

GV SAT says:

This world is doomed…

delila gomez says:

I don't have any friends or family I could really use one of those robots they're so cute 🥺💜

satria amiluhur says:

Looks too monotonous. I'd just get a dog or cat thank you

Bessie Burnet says:

I forget Japan is all about robotics. We are so behind

Bradlee Hill says:

Hahaha now they taking dogs jobs away to

Rana Faisal says:

Sad to see that Japanese are so lonely people with no social life

An G says:

Or maybe just legalise human interaction again? How about that?

Yes, Japan has great technologies and ideas

Maksim Kovalev says:

It's just depressing at this point. People literally have nobody,they have to talk to machines while destroying every living being

matthew mann says:

It is like those giga pets and those leap frog toys

Kraft Thisile says:

I think it's really cool how parents say they grew up with anime. That's so cool.

coffee and life says:

I would have real pet instead. I want technology to evolve but not replace human. We must know how to control technology before technology control us.

GojiBerry says:

Since the pandemic I work remotely and live alone, so it's been pretty sad … I wish I had one of those Boston Dynamics robots, LOL

Read my ABOUT section PLEASE says:

That's really cute. But I prefer the real ones. 😸

Steven Taylor says:

I see this and think of anime like Robot Carnival.

呂布 says:

If the robot pet is more lively, I will get one too..

FigureGunplaFan says:

Months later: BY THE WILL OF THE ARK

Li Ocean says:

What a bunch of garbage! Adults play with toys can't replace people. You must be out your mind if you think this is healthy.

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