Is colonialism to blame for the dire situation we face with climate change? | Inside Story

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An exhibition looking at the legacy of colonialism – and the role it played in the birth of climate change – has opened in London.
Eleven artists with a personal connection to Africa, the Caribbean and South America have pinpointed environmental change as a racial process, with deep roots in colonial history.
Through this collection of artworks, the overlapping crises of environmental damage and colonialism, are put under scrutiny.

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


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Ekow Eshun. Curator – ‘We Are History’.

Juergen Zimmerer – Professor at the University of Hamburg, focussing on Colonialism, Genocide Africa & postcolonial memory.

Stephan Singer – Senior Climate Science and Global Energy Policy adviser, Climate Action Network International.

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Adrian Smith says:

Isn't Colonialism to blame for ALL the world's problems?? LOL

Andrew Frost says:

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Bella the homesteader says:

Ha….based on the comments maybe you guys need to revisit white fragility…

crypto jargon says:

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Sumbal Sabah says:

It’s relevant because colonialism is still ongoing.

Melaku Negash says:

Thanks Aljazeera for bringing this discussion. Africa and Arabia are still under the yoke of neocolonialism.Colonialism is the root cause of the many problems in those regions!


Ahhhh yes. Let’s go back to living to the rule of age of 30.

Daniel Wright says:

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R Teodoro says:

No it's globalisation and trading with China.

Tavuzzi Pust says:

The present demographic explosion in the third world is due to the colonialists' introduction of western medicine.

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