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Iraq ranked world's 20th most corrupt country

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Iraq is said to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
Transparency International’s index says bribes, kickbacks and fraud are prevalent.
Many Iraqis complain that corruption is still the main cause of political and social instability.
After years of war and insecurity, Iraq is currently ranked the 20th most corrupt country in the world, with bribes, kickbacks, commissions and fraud seemingly endemic.
Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from Akra in northern Iraq.

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Justin Kase says:

One of the many mistakes brought by the US.

Just Sayn... says:

What is America, #1, 2, or 3

Nitumoni Saikia Fan Club says:

I love iraq

Pla Awa says:

Was hoping for a top 20 countdown but perhaps the timing would not fit the script

Coimbra Law says:


Veronique Vesta says:

Gas ⛽️ Prices hit 5 USD per gallon for gasoline in the Northern Eastern states. They doing it right having a donkey than a car.

Lenin Luna says:

You can thank the US for this! As an American, I'll never forgive the US government for what they did!

Daae says:

I’m pretty sure you pay at least as many bribes on the Grand Canyon donkey trail…

Ali Razi says:

Im glad that Iraq's problem have improved from terrorism to corruption at this pace I'm sure they'll solve this issue soon as well all the best❤

Sami Z አማራ says:

Who is giving the rank? Who gave them the power to give ranking?

War Observer Research says:

Once again we can say corruption se is recent colonial phenomenon….war and occupations, imposed leaderships led favouratism and economic as well as moral corruptions

joseisto jiseoso says:

I can't believe this !

DankH ΞF says:

Iraq is a puppet to Iran that's why

MXNbro 3 says:

We're #1 🇲🇽💪🏼

ꪜ Noora ❶ says:

تحياتي من ألسعودية الى الجزائر

Fekadu Y says:

This is because of USA.

Adventure Dust says:

Where is the US ?

mike donnarumma says:

why do so many men around the world hate eachother so much

Forty Two says:

Congratulations iraq, you’re only 20th most corrupt not 1-19

Md Abdul Hadi says:

Iraq had a literacy rate of 95℅ before invasion by USA terrorist….. Iraqis, u wanted this.???.. U helped American to kill ur leader Saddam who built a prosperous nation

gavin hill says:

Come on Al jazeera, the full title of this is the Corruption Perceptions Index – so it's an index of people's perceptions, not based on objective data

Solexx X says:

This is propaganda. Don't believe anything they say.

maninredhelm says:

It's interesting how democracy is like a magical cure in some cultures and nearly worthless in others. There's obviously other factors. In any case, the US has about a 0% success rate in the Middle East (maybe partial credit for Kuwait?), and its best relationships are with monarchies, so it's really past time to admit defeat and stay out of nation building there for good. Only the Middle East can fix the Middle East. They may need to follow a different path than Europe and East Asia.

Baber Khan says:

Destroyed by America

Jackie Mummy's says:

Am here in lraq but economy not good

Sánchez Boy says:

All the their work is exhausting, it is still going to make a comeback because donkeys is the mode of transportation can significantly reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and don’t require fuel, hence no fuel prices are needed.

Eseosa Abusomwan says:

All thanks to US invasion 🙌

gast128 says:

Video doesn't explain the title. Corruption can be found all over the world and will last as long as there are people who find money more important than their integrity.

yaasiin cadde says:

This NATO want like this one

C.R.D. Pridy says:

Ukrainian Immigrants beware of Canada Trudeau and Freeland!

My reply to a supporter of fooling you! "They put the world in shock and has emerged as having an integrity worse than all dictators. He is betraying Canadian every chance he gets. I feel sorry for any Ukrainian that gets sucked into coming here. This is a communist country now. Paying terrorists 10.5 million x 3-4 times and then using the war act as his first line of negotiations with the most peaceful protest in remembrance? Encouraging division violence slander and war. Mandating experimental vaccines that are now proving to be deadly. Yet the elite tripled their money while citizens lost their businesses their lives or their community? Ignoring science and running away from the people to hide like a spoilt child who never learned to deal. He has worked against woman in his cabinet . Even men who don't agree, good friends who have an opinion he betrays them. So this is you super hero eh? What kind of human are you? Did you profit unjustly and feel lucky, because many who came from communism are in tears seeing it come into Canada now."

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