Ingraham: Biden White House making US look weak on world stage

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‘The Ingraham Angle’ host examines the president’s approach to diplomacy and foreign policy. #FoxNews #Ingraham

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Jacinta Reeve says:

Praying for America 🇺🇸

cesar iza says:

Great news as always. Congrats love it 24/7. God bless Pte Trump, the USA and Fox News Channel.

alister grant says:

Stop calling bidin a potato it's not write a potato is useful he is not impeach the whole democratic party peas and carrots the whole pot aff vegetables that they are…

Manuel says:

how do i renew my extended warranty on my solar to power toaster oven?

fred miller says:

I can't wait for the CCP to take america and stop the democrat raping of the U.S. and "disappear" people like Kerry, Pelosi, Nadler and the like.

K MM says:

Remember when Trump was president and the world was laughing at us? Like the German delegation at the UN? And the Danish Prime Minister called Trump's plans "absurd", i.e. ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, extremely silly.

Beastly94 says:

Honestly one of the worst presidents and vice president I've ever saw

Banjo Banjo says:

Please move all your accounts to Bitchute, Rumble or other services. We need to DEMONETIZE YOUTUBE

joan maciel says:

They are pushing that angle to dismantle the constitution period. This is a color revolution. They won't stop until the deed is done. They will be awarded handsomely by China and friends

Anna Rock says:

Lady, amricia is not Weak, is the same and more agresiv then befor. The countries and 2 superpowers are fed up to be robbed, regim change, insults, threts to be bomb, just because you occupie 100 countries illegal. Enough is enough.

david giddens says:

Send all the Polly's then the Dem supporters then the Trans to war first and i'm happy with that you freaks Fu*k the lot of you

Miguel Angelo Santiago Jr. says:

What do you expect when you have a pantywaist administration? These people are weak & have no strength, their leader falls up not down but up steps. No president is perfect but Trump wasn't allowing such blatant disrespect to our country.
Trump would've sanctioned China & told them to go fk themselves.
China needs to be destroyed & brought to ruin already they can not be complied with or parlayed with in anyway.
The paper dragon has always been perfidious. USA its time for war!!!

Joe's shyt filled depends says:

And I thought the Obama Administration was the epitome of ineptitude

Anna Rock says:

Trump broke ,al the treaty, and make planetary havok.
1600 ilegal sanctions put on One country. Sanction on friend ans foe when he or congres want. Ppl are sick of this.

Steve C. says:

every accusations is a description of the previous president. although "weak" is an understatement, trump was kissing putin's butt on the world stage like he enjoyed it.

Jake Archuleta says:

Your right. They are so guilty blm blame, Man up. We love you. Take care of your children. Reaspnsivly. White need to share. Indians need to stop being good. We all should respond to the people who are not going to work for you and me. Not bullsh us by hating robing us. Stop the bull . Send the Obama team back to the Rock we found him under. Biden ohiden. Not a clue hah. Jesus Christ see you.

ION says:

The danger of the puppet increases!

Vasanth Seshadri says:

Biden’s foreign policy greatest hits:

– China says America has no moral standing to talk about China’s affairs
– Mexico blames Biden for border crisis
– Russia is provoked after the “killer” comment and continued peddling of Russian election meddling fake news
– North Korea ghosts America like a Tinder date

And it’s only 3 months into the Biden presidency.

Derks says:

Not true but Trump made us lncredibly stupid and cruel and selfish so now Biden has to fix that

Anthony Obrien says:

Wow your country is fked

gareth jordan says:

578,993 deaths 32,224,139 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

Ranjit Badall says:

Republicans are powerless
since they lost the election.
Democrats are in charge
until 2024. What are Republicans
going to do?

Dindo Estoesta says:

Haha…back in 70's

Ranjit Badall says:

Democrats are in charge of
America. Republicans lost
the election. Republicans are
powerless to do anything.
Republicans can vote again
in 4 years. Republicans are
leaving the party in droves
partly due to Fox News.

Steve Marten says:

The descendants of ham after Kush we're all cursed to be slaves of Shem and japeths line until the second coming of Yeshua because of the sin that ham committed against Noah when leaving the Ark to repopulate the world. Ham stop his father from knowing his wife and having a fourth son because he was jealous and did not want anyone else to receive his part of the blessings. Noah would have cursed him but he couldn't because God had blessed his Three Sons. Since ham stopped Noah from conceiving a fourth child the curse was placed on hams 4th child and all of The Descendants thereafter. Slavery was a direct result of the people that are enslaved through Ham's sin So for anybody to say that it is the white person's fault that slavery exists is sadly mistaken. slavery is a direct result of one man's action. Slavery is result of a certain people's for Father's single action and transgression against his father

Dwain McBain says:

The republic is dead

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