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India’s largest crocodile park in trouble due to coronavirus lockdowns

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India’s largest crocodile park, the Madras Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology, could be running out of funds in as little as four months as ticket revenues shrink because of the coronavirus lockdown. The restrictions on movements to slow the spread of Covid-19 started in late March and continue in many parts of the country. Lockdowns have placed severe strain on the economy as a whole and on individual operations like the reptile zoo that had been pulling in about half of its revenue from ticket sales. Now the zoo is looking to social media as a possible lifeline.


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Romar says:

Seems a bit over populated

Danny chong says:

China create law to subdue protest even how communist begin from protest?

24/7 love says:

All Hindu nationalists should be the Crocodiles food 👍

ilovefunnyamv2nd says:

We need more money to operate, Lets start a youtube channel!

Alternate Idea, stop birthing so many crocs that they literally climb over eachother, you could halve your food expenses in a mere few decades

Sumeet Kumar says:

Subscribed Madras Crocodile Bank channel.. 🙏💕💕

Jake Shields says:

Sad. Prayers for the reptiles

JJL says:

Maybe contraception for your crocs. If you can't support your crocs financially then don't let them mate.

Hans Weissman says:

Hello, Prada, need some fresh material for your bags?

potatomato :p says:

Me: i have no girlfriend for 500 octillion years that's why i'm jumping there.

Croc: boys don't eat him let's watch him suffer more.

Heather Larson says:

Hate to say this but because of Covid-19, India is falling apart, one piece at a time. Not sure if they can stand on their feet until a vaccine is available… This pandemic undoubtedly sets India backward for a decade.

Nirmal Joishi says:

Lets feed all ccp people to those crocs.

Dravidia Nadu says:

In my India, humans are cheaper than beef, got the idea when it comes to crocodile food?

10M Subscribers With no videos says:

189th viewer

Hanan Malaysia says:

That crocodile has many subscriber than my channels

Ice Frost says:

Just give Cow 🐄 to the crocodiles 🐊 as emergency foods in case they lack of another foods!!!

Beelall Kullou says:

So many free cows roaming around Indians street…could serve as meal..

かたな Samurai Blood - Japan Germany Axis says:

I want to jump into those crocodiles. Let them eat me alive

Nicolae Margineanu says:

All criminals and violators can be food for croco…

Oliver Tianrun CHEN says:

What time is it when you see a crocodile?

Time to run.

GAMING With NK says:

1 st view from india support the park

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