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India reports first Omicron variant cases despite tightened travel restrictions

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India has confirmed its first two cases of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The patients has arrived from overseas on December 2, 2021, according to India’s Health Ministry officials who did not indicate which countries they had visited or their vaccination status. India has classified 11 countries as being “at risk” in response to the new strain, and travellers from those countries are being tested after they arrive in India. Omicron was first reported in South Africa on November 24, and has now been spread to at least 30 countries across the globe.


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G Mail says:

covid will be a permanent curse for all humanity, cheers !!

I stole Jimin's jams says:

China you ruined my life 😭

Babi Tonggek says:

my prayers for India🤲..love from Malaysia

Bumblebee Gamer says:

Sad that China/CCP isn't investigated. They made this whole pandemic to trap people in their own country and for control.

China/CCP wants to prove that they are right and the west is wrong. Why is no one talking about CCP


Hey that's my state and also my city 💀💀

Free Mind says:

India will have every diseases positive. The system is way to backward and corrupt

Manas Ranjan Mahapatra says:

Bcz of China all wold is suffer from this pandemic, Corona came from Wuhan China

skunk Ben says:

Xi Variant 2021

SlayrPratyushPP87 says:

Next variant gonna pop up in about 3 months from now (pi)

DYNASTY prevails says:

Stay safe india , , be strong

S Naik says:

This time for Africa

A viral stop says:

Stop fooling it's almost 2 years

gaming shots says:

This wuhan virus is really strong product of china i guess 😂

Quân Dương says:

Just waiting until omega variant say “hi”

parray ketan says:

Not one now total 5 cases in jndia
Omicron showing trailer in the beginning movie will be release in upcoming days as per public demand …..

hitesh shah says:

Great work India….great job for virus….and 125 caror vacation to be completed……fully vaccinated contry India…..keep it up…..

poly sporin says:

its like swatting at smoke. The only thing you can do is be prepared to fight it.
Get them oxygen canisters ready. 🚑

Binary Wizard says:

Samsung notified

Shubharthi Dutta says:

When France sneezes : syllabus expands ( due to their revolutions and impact )
When China sneezes : syllabus reduced( hope you all know the reason)

Human Rights says:

Soon triple dose in India.

Min Soo says:

Oh no 😭.

निखिल says:

I am very happy hope my exams get canceled 😊

Fernan Montevista says:

I hope India will not have another wave.Plsss be cooperative to the authority .

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