Ijeoma Oluo: Has White Male America left a dangerous legacy? | The Stream

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Ijeoma Oluo is an American writer best-known for her 2017 hit book “So You Want to Talk about Race?” In it, readers of all races are guided through issues of race and how they are embedded in American life.

The police killing of George Floyd, who was Black, last year led to an outpouring of anger and grief in the US as people of all races took to the streets to call for racial justice. The demonstrations provoked a reckoning, not only in the US but all across the world, as people grappled with questions around race and racism.

In her new book, “Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America” Oluo pushes the conversation forward by exploring themes of entitlement and identity,  while asking: "What happens to a country that tells generation after generation of white men that they deserve power?"
On this episode of The Stream, we’ll discuss race, identity and power dynamics in today's America.

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Al Jazeera English says:

Thanks for watching everyone. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Leonardo Kessler says:

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陳柒 says:

no worry the white male americans are becoming minority now, they are the groups being protected. white american lives matter

川建國 says:

no worry, they can't replace the dangerous legacy of the antifa and BLM not to mention the lethal effects from the killing of freedom of speech left by those media scumbags

Awol Peace says:

Too many people have too many reasons, which reasoning always permits if you reason enough, to see humanity as different line-in-the-sand instead of ideas of what different people are.

Rahul Singh says:

Propaganda channel.

Christian says:

I like how it's not racist to say this about white people but every other race it's racism. People are getting fed up with this, push us enough things will happen.


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Sport Trolling says:

How can i flag this video???

Thea Sy Bautista says:

To earn money you have to put in money that is the simple philosophy of wealth.

goree glory says:

None of the white males ever bothered me whatever how many years ive been there…most of them have always been at basic decent level n behaviours…i feel other races ppl can b rude n invite or provoke trouble
I faced much worst back in the places cities where i live belong or origin from

J Briggs says:

blatant racism is only acceptable against white males

mrlnwrld says:

What is her example of a place where there is no bias/racism?

mrlnwrld says:

This is soooo short sighted. Is this the first and only empire to take over land and be violent?

mrlnwrld says:

I agree that we live in a world white is valued, but I think what she's missing is that every civilization has had this characteristic(valuing the characteristics of the powerful). Its not something unique to the current world order.

Its it's even in the feminist movement. Ex Obama saying women make better leaders.

Jennifer L says:

Put aside your pride, she’s saying the system is broken, which was constructed by white men. We have evolved since then, and now must be adapting to changing times. We have to learn to Value all, including women & children. In an effort to have peace & equality, we need to construct new systems. Thank you for bringing light to this subject. It needs to be discussed.

Cryst C O says:


Sandhya Mohanan says:

Blame d publishers …there are no independent writers , independent thinkers , independent journalists ….only paid for propaganda nowdays

Bledar Lece says:

A sand dune in Qatar has more brainsThen both of you put together,I’m surprised how Qatar is able to keep the news television running ,most likely with the help of white man

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