Hungarian FM: Could Hungary exit the European Union? | Talk to Al Jazeera

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Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. It was one of eight nations in central and eastern Europe that agreed to be governed under EU laws.

But in recent years, Brussels and Budapest have not seen eye to eye. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says his policies are based on conservative Christian, patriotic values. Meanwhile, many in the EU and elsewhere say his government promotes homophobic, xenophobic, anti-democratic and even authoritarian values.


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But what has been the response from the Hungarian government? Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto talks to Al Jazeera.

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TheLeviness says:

I'm Hungarian and I'm ashamed of this government. What I hate the most is when someone criticizes the government, they say 'they criticize Hungary'. No they don't. Viktor Orban does not equal to the people of Hungary. Election law was changed, they made it so much easier for them to stay in power.

Pineapple Owl says:

seems culturally communist.. in that they prefer a top down strongman to control the stability of society.. probably not a good fit for a liberal democratic organization like the eu.. i think they wanted into the eu for the money but the politics make it unsustainable. the eu in general is ineffective.. if you look at the uk … the queen elizabeth carrier has been cruising around making itself known.. uk has been freed up to make decisions on its own.. also the eu will never realistically invest in any defense until its too late..a fatal flaw for nato.

heh says:

Mark Rutte has Fideszophobia, not Hungarophobia

sw gate says:

I "can see" the future . . . every Christian is a LGBT

Hour Bee says:

What rights do gays have in Qatar?

Francis Keena says:

Peter,, I like is straight talking, a breath of fresh air after all the politically corect, can sell culture..

Feargal Mac Dowell says:

This interviewer seems to be a little biased.

toobalkain says:

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Greece and even Austria are rejecting the ideology of EU elites, you could make a case for all of them "exiting" the EU

nishiki says:

I hope the EU ejects them… well overdue with Orban such a renegade!

Fritz Kohle says:

The FM is not exactly truthful. 2015 mistakes? Perhaps he already forgot Hungaries plea to Merkel to take in refugees flooding Hungary back then. I am European. But Hungaries position on human rights, minorities and the media is not ok. The FM also claims entitlement to the recovery fund or EU funds. Its not Hungaries money. Its the EU Taxpayer paying Hungary more than it returns. I object to that and will ask my MP and MEP to scrutinise Hungaries activities. Perhpas the FM would prefer to join a union with China or Russia instead if the EU is that unpalatable to Orban.

H Sivan says:

Goodbye Hungary. You will not be missed.

Mikaela Talla says:

better scrap schengen if euro is people coming are illegal. when they come freely as refugee.. .what is the use of people to pass and apply visa legally…ahhahahha…then we dont need visa to go europe because illegal can enter freely….

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