How will China face hacking accusations? | Inside Story

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It was a unified condemnation of China on cyberattacks.
The United States, the European Union, NATO and other world powers all said Beijing was responsible for an attack on Microsoft servers earlier this year.
But stopped short of announcing punishment measures for the alleged cyber activities.
Around a quarter of a million computers are said to have been compromised in March, affecting at least 30,000 organisations worldwide.
Nations including Canada, New Zealand, Austrlalia and Japan said Chinese state-linked hacking groups were behind the exploitation.
Beijing says the accusation is groundless.
So, what’s the fallout from this row?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman

Brett Bruen, President of the Global Situation Room and a Former Director of Global Engagement at the White House under President Obama.
James Shires, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University.
Einar Tangen, China Political Analyst who also advises the Chinese Provincial Government.

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X.H. says:

Leiden University! Yes, the university was known for discrimination from the professors against Chinese students.

ikram abbasi says:

Every body is talking about Israel and rouge governments, Aljazira is playing dirty. 👎🏻

Dobtor DFM says:

as much as i despise the CCP, this guy has a point when he calls the west colonial powers. to my knowledge that is one sin they are not guilty of…. yet.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Al Jazeera should be having a discussion on PEGASUS & the white only settler colonisation project selling the technology to every evil dictatorship around the world to spy Journalist, Activists, Political leaders etc etc.

Abiy Habtamu says:

JALOUSY, Who Trust The West? Who Elect to represent the world those colonialist Pigs.

Chug-A-Lug Doug says:

China will just lie like they always do.

Akine Atta says:

After Russia ,now China Wich country will be the next?Biden is looking for enemies because of USA political crisis between democrats and republicans…. please Why USA never wanted peace 🕊️ in this World???

tariqul islam says:

Groundless, baseless accusations! Who are claiming that, they all together is a terrorist gang! This gang is a threat for world peace!

Cliff says:

Step back: The US spies on everybody. By law all US companies must secretly install, when requested, spying software into their products. China had stated to crackdown on crypto currency, used to finance most of the cyber crime. Best guess, when China identifies cyber criminals they will crack down on them also. How many international cyber criminals have been arrested in the west? How is the west dealing with the major funding of cyber criminals?.

Israel Telaviv says:


mkkiani says:

When you set up the CIA KGB etc this means to spy. Spying ensures the other does not lie and deceive your country. Yet if caught a spy will be punished. Similarly the NSA, GCHQ spying, hack, or attack is to use high technology to weaken nations, so you get ahead. All do it, to their best abilities. These things are the norm now. It is no news to read about spying or hacking. We must work to avoid killing people by destroying economies or manufacturing and produce as this flow is essential to keep life on earth. New organisations must be formed aside from the UN.

Guilherme Zardo says:

Oh my god, China is hacking, US's CIA and NSA never done that, they are innocents

Matthew Ng says:

Is this a cover up story to distract from Pegasus?
Also is it Chinese hackers or is it state sponsored? You cant mix up the two you know

Twisted Life says:

Well tbh China don't care.

jcentricity says:

WWW3 already started it's cyber warfare

Perennial Grayish-green says:

Washington is ranking #1 on cyperhacking….ask Chancellor Merkel!

Wumao50cent Troll says:

What about the Israeli Pegasus eavesdropping or whatever you want to call it. Invasion of individual privacy is a bigger issue than some hack on some very rich corporation's.

Juayriah Choudhury says:

Deflection to hide pegasus?

Salman Gaming says:

China is father in hacking 74% of the world cyber attacks is from china

rihel ilis says:

We all know,China did it

ADO says:

China hasn't attacked a single one of the 16 on Joe biden's list 😲

ADO says:

China blames Joe Biden for letting them

bolz dk says:

Deflect from PEGASUS

Faith Virtue says:

U.S and NATO’s daily accusations are one big psyop.

Hour Bee says:

Deny, deny, deny some more. Carry on. Smirk

Gimmi Jones says:

Again ???, now is not Russia but China, US is a joke no one is America seriously 🙄 why US rattling about cyber attacks all the time while they are doing same thing but never tell about it open but would rather talk Russia and China. Everyday same old song they sing we are tired of. We don't believes in us intelligences same persons who lied to world WMD , chemical uses none stop

S R says:

Gotta say US’ 360 China smearing campaign is well done and deserves applause

God son says:

Prophet Xi is the most merciful. Repent and turn towards him . He is the father of is lam.

God son says:

China 🇨🇳 deep fried Uighurs.

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