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Governments have been hacking into people’s privacy for years.
Some of the technology to do it is for sale and tens of thousand of politicians, journalists, lawyers and activists have been targeted.
The system’s called Pegasus. It’s from an Israeli spyware company called NSO.
Thanks to evidence collected by the Paris-based NGO Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, it seems there are 50-thousand people whose phones have been selected.
Most of the numbers were in Gulf Countries and North Africa. But others include India, Pakistan and France.
So, how much of a threat is advanced technology to privacy and human rights?

Presenter: Rob Matheson


Rasha Abdul Rahim, Director of Amnesty Tech at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International.
Ronald Deibert, Founder and Director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School
Madawi al-Rasheed, visiting Professor at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics.

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Milli Vanilli says:

free assange

Author of my own thoughts says:

this work is alive and well alright at the bases of levels . What gets me is the young'ns being schooled by familiar adults to basically lie and deceive as a living . They show them how to steal into people homes via electronics/ electromagnetic means there by how to gather every thought word and deed every idiosyncratic notion , I see them here them jump up when they got something and run too the overseer and I notice their continence when thy move these young one are filling up with . .. a vile levers being pulled for thrill. until when when cutting into love of ones own? but how hallow can a child be and still stay alive. like rotting a youth from the inside to out so what so is it so it is ugly expendable units Sad so sad

Kabul Food says:

Eid Mubarak my dear friends.
عید شما مبارک دوستان عزیز من ❤️❤️❤️

Jack Jill says:

who Israel spying on countries and tecnologies to give them an edge?

Dawn Salois says:

Israel doesnt care about human rights. Its a lazze faire republic. Israel uber ales

Mara Cohen says:

More antisemitic propaganda from AJ.

DUBAI areez says:

Actually Israel is World's no 1 Terrorist Country and Terrorism generates

Shlomo Bergstein says:

Israel…who would've guessed….

Hand rubbing intensifies

Linda Steckel says:

AJ obsession with Israel is continues. This is the 6th video on the same subject.
The "evidence" is alleged, not proven.

Js Jishan says:

Love alzazira tv!

maksudur rahman deepu says:

Thanks Israel.

Sivuyile Mtsi says:

This is so scary hey, especially for countries that are police states. We all have nothing to hide until who we are is the reason we are targeted.

b.s.c.l 2 says:

is there a country that does not target it citizens? The respects human rights? Since there is not one this is a non issue

Richard Davis says:

NSO is it a desibdeing name of Country I ask because I have a area that N.S.O is aye city of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge human transportation ground travel of the civilians of the city NSO commonly speaks of the international air ports of the area of city named North Side Oakland.

Gimmi Jones says:

This is insight story but bulshit story. Since crime commmited is not Russia or china or iran, as u see the report is very different. If this was China or russia we will bad mouthing for weeks non stop

Handy Van says:

good luck guys – protect yourselves – we are in a new age

Sir James says:

Give me government an inch and they take a mile.

Sabiha Tanveer says:

Good, clear report

Bart Simpson says:

Are 'individuals' in the U.S. TRULY individuals?

Handy Van says:

journalism freedom ty

Engr. Khalid Parvez says:


S Ahmad says:

How to find out if your phone is hacked?

Jane L says:

anyone who watched The Dissident knows about this Pegasus software. KSA even has the v2 of this.


am watching from Bangladesh. Love Aljazeera for truth news.

Michelle N. Sirca says:

2:272:31…. Using my brothers identity. This woman.


Show more about India ruled by insane dictator takiing all as enemies

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