How China's ageing population may topple its economic ambitions | Counting the Cost

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China’s status as the factory of the world is under threat. Not from the United States, which is looking at ways to slow its economic dominance, but from its own falling birth rate.

Fewer babies mean fewer workers to power factories and economic growth.

China will become the world’s biggest economy but holding onto that position may be a challenge.

We talk to Dr Lauren Johnston, research associate at SOAS China Institute, about China’s demographic challenges.

And Emily Kreps, global director of capital markets at not-for-profit CDP, tells us why financial institutions are “greening” their credentials but not their portfolios.

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Muse says:

When did aljazeera start going crazy with the ads. Aljazeera not having much ads was why I liked them

Your Dad says:

Automation is their so more people needed in service sector not labour

Your Dad says:

12 million is lot and it's not a problem over population is more dangerous

John Smith says:

You spelled "aging" incorrectly.

Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-Costa says:

The number on the machine at mark 2:34 was really well chosen for the situation of the Uighur people in China.

Dennis Estrada says:

Wumaos will claim a lie and you don’t know China 😅.

Andrew Mike says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

alipaf2002 says:

You can have more than 2 kids if you really want to, stop looking towards government for handouts.

Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler says:

The west is telling the same "China will go down" story for 70 years. And we still are waiting.
"Al Jazeera" should rather worry about famine in India, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, etc. and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

Ashok Biswas says:

No problem. Communists will poison them, as they can not tolerate even their own parents.

X7SIOVIA says:

What a cake 😋


Fart news…!!!

dandan Regesto says:

getting old before getting rich is another misery that China can't escape.

Christian Davis says:

People will be kicking themselves in few week's If they miss The Opportunity Too Buy and Invest In Bitcoin as It retracing…..BE WISE.

frantisek polach says:

This is good for the world. Old guys do not have much testosterone 😉 .

Shant B says:

This is why China infected the whole world with bio weapon.
But now they are waiting for USA retaliation.

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