How China is Weaponizing its Fishing Fleet

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WHITSUN REEF, SOUTH CHINA SEA — CNN reports that analysts are calling out China’s secret maritime militia as it gets increasingly aggressive in its efforts to push the fishing fleets of other Asian nations out of the South China Sea.

China denies that the militia exists, but Western analysts say a quick study of these so-called fishing boats show that they form an integral part of China’s military actions.

These boats are often huge by fishing-boat standards and they never seem to catch any fish.

They have automatic weapons aboard and reinforced hulls, making them very dangerous at close range.

With top speeds of around 18 to 22 knots, they are also faster than 90% of the world’s fishing boats.

Analysts say China is using these weaponized boats to protect large flotillas of normal Chinese fishing boats.

In this way, they can quickly bring hundreds of Chinese fishing boats to any disputed island; a flotilla so large that it can’t be challenged without triggering a military confrontation.

Last month, more than 200 Chinese fishing boats crowded around Whitsun Reef for weeks.

Whitsun Reef is a major fishing ground and part of the Philippines’ territorial waters.

SOURCES: CNN, South China Morning Post,


Vølga says:

if the ocean is not depleted now it will be very soon

Billy James Javier says:

There has been protest in the chinese embassy manila since 2012 filipinos are just too weak to do something.

Anthony Ziemba says:

We have a Seventh Fleet that has the capabilities to take out that whole area.

Alex Albert says:

China in doing the same on South America too!

Kra Mehs Adatac says:

PH Government does nothing about these. This sht has been happening like 2015

Metal Videos says:

The first second in. CNN report. in other words fake news lol. how can you trust CNN about literally ANYTHING when it is about china or russia.

Mr Glitcher20156 says:

How bout you talk about how they’re killing Muslims and Christians, and capturing them and taking them to camps and hurting and killing them.

Xerxes Anims says:

China is the "bullied turned into the bully" Type

ziyougong Original says:

First comment let’s get it

Eric Kuoch says:

first comment lesh go

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