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Hot air balloon crash lands in Melbourne, Australia

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Passengers on an early morning hot air balloon flight in Melbourne on April 20, 2022 had a lucky escape after a crash landing. All 13 people onboard, including the pilot, were uninjured.


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One of the balloon’s deflation systems malfunctioned, forcing an attempted landing at Elwood Beach. The gondola eventually descended into a residential area, hitting trees and narrowly missing power lines.

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Pamela Homeyer says:

I would love to see the face on the claims adjuster when they got that call

Pure mind静心净心 says:

Cool and Calm passengers 👍
Thank you to intelligent Pilot to save 13 lives 👍
Company please ensure Routine Check up on facilities 🙏

Val. T says:

Gas is really getting pricey huh after Sanctioning to other countries….

PooperMoodie IsGay says:

Made in Australia. What more do you expect.

Amazing Adventures says:

Nick, you can come to fly with us in California anytime you want. Magical Adventure Balloon Rides

HPR Gaming says:

Mayday mayday mayday we going down
SAR : are you kidding me

วรเวช เพิ่มพูนธัญญะ says:

⛰️🧛‍♂🚵‍♂Satan is real-1.Tangmo Nida — The lunatic king. Behind the whole story 2.Those five people are the scapegoats of Satan's lunatic 3.Worried Lisa BP might get into the eyes of Satan.
4. Saudi Arabia, the old victim, does not accept Thai workers into the country
5. That idiot has a harem in Germany.
(If you come to Thailand, you may encounter dark powers. Harem owner)
There is a chance to die for free here. In conclusion, it's an accident or the body hasn't been found.
(It's sad. If anyone gets killed here)
google – harem german /image

Well, gone to Tangmo. Urinates, urinates very hard, bites leg. Length in feet, expressed as an accident. Tell the foreign media that.

Traveling Adventure Variety says:

The softest crash ever

Rishabh Jangir says:

If this happened in India you guys have already been started bashing us. 😑

gecko 1968 says:

They were flying with one of the finest pilots I've seen. I was one of his ground crew last year and Nick is an absolute magician with those burners. 27 years experience in almost all corners of the globe. Great man, great pilot…

Matty Reardon says:

Hahahah happens all the time. Once we had 2 in a day.

MyThoughtsInYourAss says:

That must be scary af.

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