Hong Kong artists preserve city’s history with miniatures

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Two Hong Kong artists are helping to revive the city’s history by creating miniature versions of various aspects of Hong Kong culture. Maggie Chan and Tony Lai of TOMA Miniatures studio make tiny replicas that seek to preserve the city’s diverse and vibrant culture, whether by recreating traditional festivals, local cuisine or old architecture.

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Geoberry says:

finally saw SCMP featuring normal HK people doing normal things.

M shoaib says:


Hans Weissmann XII says:

You are old when you only live in nostalgia……..

Life with POPOY says:

Amazing work!!!!

Samuel Samuel says:

Immoral of the point that awesome people likely would young people all around happens

conyo985 says:

That small TV! It's so cute!!

andy luo says:

There is one thing no one has really done. A full miniature of the former kowloon walled city. That is gigantic project. It was supposed to be little refuge for those trying to escape China back in the day but it became a cesspool of crime and constant building that enclosed the walls. It should be done anyway as a reminder of what it happened and where things were heading.

Criss Strokes says:

One day, it’ll be holographic.

Balakrishna Rao says:

This is fantastic..👌 infact such activities must be done for all major cities which has grown n not many see the past n this 4d will b awesome than picture

Mahaphou Blue says:

This couple is truly understand the reason of why do many old people who have see this tore it apart, wise couple and there art is what I admire

Short Stack says:

I seriously do wonder why people fantasize about Hong Kong still being a colony ruled by Europeans
Not even a debate about which government is better but being ruled by a different people is unacceptable

Savant says:

They should've made a tiny burning cars with rioters in one corner.

wabin abd aziz says:


stayhappylittle mermaid says:

May you have an amazing day, you deserve it.

junley pick says:

Beautiful memories 💞💞..kind a sad cause the government does not like it,, they prefer modernization.

Paul C says:

the ccp gonna ban that too i bet

Secure assure says:

Free Hong Kong ✊

Kitty says:

Miniture things are so cute especially when they portray emotion.

Shadow trooper262 says:

Though I'm still young I realize how important it is to treasure these current times just like how my grandparents and parents cherished their times.

Cuthbert Throatwasp says:

The West are putting sanctions and curbs on Hong Kong's future development all thanks to those brainwashed Hong Kong hooligans who would bear the brunt for their own stupidity. Nobody would care less for them

HunterShows says:

Now do Kowloon walled city.

전준 says:

Elderly Hongkongers cry not because of the past but because the present Hongkongers wanna destroy the Hong Kong that they worked so hard to create

myeongwol says:

So beautiful!

Flag User says:

somewhere in their supplies room are some godzilla toys

Trinh Nguyen says:

Wow, this so beautiful!!! I really wish they were still around or can be rebuilt one day. They are both so talented and have the love for art. Thank goodness for people like them.

Samurai X says:

0:43 the picture tube of the analog TV works.

Gatling Spletzer the Inkhog says:

Cantonese suh ks

Baby Omega PlusUltra says:

I like hongkong movies, so epic & modern 😀

Adik Axl says:

The most moral person is the person who is best at taking care of people's hearts.

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