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Heavy snow hits northern China

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Heavy snow has hit northern China, damaging houses and blocking roads. The most severe warning was issued as snowfall broke local records in various areas.


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Andrew Chase says:

still don't believe in climate change? this is mother-nature saying enough is enough. LISTEN TO GRETA THURNBERG!

John Castillo says:

Politicians: global warming isn't real because we haven't felt it yet so it doesn't count

E E says:

GLobal warming begins

Kenneth says:

Lucky they went panic buying before snow storm hits. Wish them all the best.

˗ˏˋ♥︎︎ˎˊ˗ says:

dog: no worries, im fine im just swimming

Violet Potato says:

Politician trying so hard not to see Global Warming exist

mystique says:

it's pay back time 💖

Jack says:

Dog: Not today grandma.😓😓

cordelia carstairs says:

The mongolian lady just walking her dog 😂

Quade Zz says:

The new russia it's China now

Orange TV says:

No wonder the would collapse because it was made in China 🤧😭😭😭

Ban the CCP says:

Cutting forests is one of these dumbest things we could be doing to this beautiful planet. But humans are dumb greedy creatures. All hope is lost.

M Zacky says:

Mother nature angy

dee b says:

Global warming is terrible!!!!

Abhinav Sachdeva says:

Winter is coming ☺️

Vaishnavi Dukanam says:

Hope everyone will stay safe 🙏

Max Herz says:

just like in Russia – NO ONE waits cold & snow at the end of fall. and at winter neither…

Honto Ni Baka says:

Dont worry the snow is made from china. So is doesn't last long.

Lei Zhao says:

I just wonder if it was cold for the two girls at 0:31 with bare legs.

n ll says:

This kind of weather occurs every year in northern China, the lowest temperature in northern China is minus 50 degrees, and this year is the year of La Nina, which is even colder.
Well, just tell some people who are very surprised about this, this is normal in China

Hematoma says:

I think the dog is enjoying it

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