Health centres across Asia struggle with COVID-19 cases

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Coronavirus cases are multiplying across parts of Asia, driving fears of a possible fourth wave.
In Thailand, nightclubs have been blamed for a surge in infections around a holiday period that led to new case records.
Al Jazeera’s Florence Looi has more from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
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Nathaneal Scott says:

People's Understanding = "Vaccinated = Immune to virus", which is 80% true, but it doesn't mean they cant be "carriers" or "super-spreaders" like BATS (that are immune to the coronavirus itself). Like the Spanish Conquistadors who came to Aztec people in the 1500s. They were immune to the virus, but the Aztec weren't. So the Aztec got sick to smallpox and died en masse, while the Conquistadors loot and took over the Aztec.

In 2021, where it's the survival of the fittest, the RICH = the most influential, can get away with doing crime, and get all the ladies. It's none of "their" concern if others get sick. As long as "they" are vaccinated, they will flaunt lockdowns, go to bars, night clubs, get laid, and spread the virus to anyone else. After all, they are healthy, they are sick, they will be the ones to inseminate the youthful ladies of the population. AND THIS IS HOW THE WORLD in REALITY works.

So if you cant fight them, join the winning side. Capisce?

sonic blue says:

Get well soon Philippines 💜

Joey Ambrocio says:

Selective Asia. hahaha. Hello India, China and Middle East

Siddharth Banerjee says:

Bad condition

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