Greece to extend territorial waters amid Turkey tensions

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Greece is preparing to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles (22.2km) from its western shores. It is an apparent show of strength as it prepares to resume talks with Turkey on agreeing to the limits of their continental shelves.
As Al Jazeera's John Psaropoulos reports from Athens, the two issues are closely related.

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ΔΑΙΔΑΛΟΣ / Daedalus says:

the right to expand your territorial waters to 12 miles is part of the Law of the Seas that voted by the UN Assembly. All the coastal countries already expanded their waters in the previous years, even Turkey expanded its waters despite the fact that she didn't sign this UN agreement.
Greece will expands its territorial waters all over the Aegean Sea except a part of it in order to let an international sea-corridor for the ships that use the route Bosporous Straits-Mediterranean. Turkey's objection is that the Turkish ships from Istanbul will need Greek permission to sail to the Mediterranean. So, Greece will mot expand its territorial waters to the entire Aegean sea creating this sea-corridor for the Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Romania etc ships that use the route Black Sea-Meditteranean. Everyone should be happy now.

mahmud hasan tusher says:

Go ahead Turkey

Bedirkan Polat says:

If TR allows this I'll give up my TR nationality! This is a call for war.

zenemir says:

Turkey produces two amazing things, cag kebap and their women are beautiful (not so much their personalities though)

Go Greece

Xi Jinping says:

Build the Turks re-education centers like me is better for them.

tsifty1 says:

The truth and you don’t want to hear is that Turkey has no guts to push this. If they were powerful they would have done this long time ago, tha5 is try to conquer a nation like Greece. They can’t even win in Syria for f&$# sakes. Same with Mohammed , it’s all bullshit.

Rose Hassa says:

La ilaha illallah

mark wood says:

thought Istanbul was originally belongs to Greece and use to be called constabul and Turkish then changed the name after forcefully conquering the Greece sovereignty
to Istanbul.

Ad Soyad says:

this will cause war and they will cry about muh ottomanist turkey wants to expand meanwhile they do everything to provoke turkey.

historical legends says:

India stands with Greece 🇬🇷
Our ancient brothers

Birey Anonimoğlu says:

Just look at the map, how Aegean sea shared among Turkey and Greece you will understand who deserves more.

mohideenh22 says:

B2B Drones are Ready to Extend it attack

Thembi Sibanyoni says:

Greece will be destroyed by Turkey if they don't give Turkish the respect they derseve. Africa support Turkey our brothers.

Yash Shah says:

Turks should know the size of Indian army. Even Pakistan lost all the wars 😂 and turks think their drones can destroy the Indian forces when India has swarm drones 😂

Ice Queen says:


Yash Shah says:

That's why Greeks want help of Indian army

Yash Shah says:

India supports Greece

Ajo StenLy says:

Lets go war, i am just watching 😁😁

jamal khedira says:

Turkey will colonize u again,if u bring your nonsense

Hello World says:

Biden should help Greece and Armenia invade Turkey

Asad Zafar says:

Pakistan support turkey

Erencan Ayhan says:

I love how europeans have the right to make laws to expand, then self accept them and enforce it on others. When others dont accept it, its violence of law and threats against world peace.

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