Germany set to vote in most unpredictable elections in years

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Germany’s election on Sunday will ultimately decide who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel.
An entire generation of young people will vote for the first time.
Many of them have only known Merkel’s policies and are eager for change.
Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Cologne.
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LegendKiller says:

as a turkish I support natsional socialist germany

Christopher Guzman says:

Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

fast run says:

0:50 These two kids are excited they think it's a TIKTOK Live video. LOL


"Oh that illusion , thy name is climate change"😢..

jisiri says:

There is an underground racist movement against Black people. From UPS to Rikers to tech support to store clerks. It's a slow down or non service even worst at Rikers! And it's even happening with supposedly friends and neighbors!

Cobus Smith says:

Germany is a dying country

FAR CRY says:

Try to elect a man💪👍🙏


Love the life you live. Live the life you love. -Bob Marley

ALKiefah | الكفاح says:

Die Gerechtigkeitspartei – Team Tödenhöfer

C. Lincoln says:

Protesting doesn't really change anything. I remember when millions of people protested in UK/US/Germany and many other countries around the world against invading Iraq, it didn't stop those politicians from invading, they only respond to money. The 1% elite would profit from war so, we went to war. Regardless of what the 99% wanted.

The Uralic Tribes says:

Whoever will get elected, let's hope they will deport you know who Merkel let in in 2015 (Y)

globe trotter says:

Whoever wins the election, Germany will always be a top dog. Tough if you don't like the Germans.

IsarTor Mch says:

Hope German Green Leadership spread out globally aqap… aus Seoul

Absoluke says:

Never heard the name Rifka before interesting name. I hope the greens win tbh will see

OrdinaryGod says:

merkel destroyed Europe by importing religious extremists

MrJustinpoooga says:

Young people need to say NO to consumerism, F$%K the largest corporations, Banks, govts etc and live a more simple life

G Bendicion says:

Gen z voters better not mess this up

Bashir Ahmed says:

I like Germans. A great Nation.

Bashir Ahmed says:

Germany is Japan of Europe and visa Versa.

Uni Uni says:

When uncertain vote for the safest choice

Jerry Man says:

I hope germany dials its progresivens a bit back and gets allot more nationalistic. I wanna see a strong germany again.

Reverend Christian Tourettes b'Staard III says:

Green Party is not a "faction," Al Jazeera wankers.
Poorly reported…representative of the Bush family fortune & Saudi friends.

MGTOW Saves Your Life says:

I say they'll go far right route again.

建國 says:

Germany must come back from Communism

Adolf Hitler says:

Make Germany great again

Waheed GUL says:


Javier Fernandez says:

Progressives VS. Everyone

shultsy100 says:


hannah tattoo says:

I really hope the result reflects the mood and feelings of the German people. She went too far, there is much that can't be undone.

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