Germany floods: Historic town buried in mud

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Rescue teams in Germany are continuing the search for more victims of last week’s devastating floods.
Almost 200 people have been confirmed dead in Germany and neighbouring countries.
An army of volunteers has been helping German residents who were badly hit by the disaster.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from the historic German town of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, which she found covered in a thick layer of mud.

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Yochevedbracha Simon says:

Wishing you all well and a speedy recovery. You are strong proud people who will prevail.

Gissie says:

Is he catholic .just like when they took matthias.not if its catholic its Gods mercy. Jesus has wa rned against catholicism.Jesus said through Jacky Julyan that repentance is all there is if you going to catholic pagan then its no good people have to get out messenger sent q arned of lightening strikes like never before. Aswell as oyher things. Are coming. Famine etc grasshoppers in Israel.

Xerz Bal says:

Im from a towm nearby and Go help them every 2 daays. Its so sad, Everyone helps indeed the politikans and the police… The only Thinge they do is blockig the steets and the politikans want Us To Pay More Taxes for the environment…

Theweatheris Aokay says:

When Covid hit us in 2020 we thought it's the worse we experienced, then came 2021 with frequent and more severe natural disasters and Cocid still lingering and getting more deadly. And it just July……. 5 more month to go, hopefully we all can come out from this unscathed together. Sending condolences to the floods victims family and good will to survivors. Human history showed we are stronger and can overcome this💪💪💪.

Ab by says:

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The Game Archiver says:

They need to build houses on stilts.

Lucas S says:

What a year 2021 and we are only half way😔🙏

Yarima Poly says:

Hly Father have mercy on Germany people

꧁Ắꌚḿầ┳ꀘꎦẮṄ✭꧂ says:

Sad moments😢

Alessandro Dastamio says:

..well.. after Libya… Iraq…. Syria.. Afghanistan.. .now facing unbeatable foe..

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