Fuel contaminates water supply in Canadian Arctic city of Iqaluit

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People in the capital of a Canadian Arctic territory have been told not to use any tap water because it has been contaminated with fuel.
Iqaluit residents started complaining about the smell of petrol in their water at the beginning of October. But city authorities insisted it was safe for nearly a week.
Al Jazeera’s Alexandra Byers reports.

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MyMindIstellingMeNoButmyCucumbermyCucumber says:

Why would they allow for them to drill? We've seen this happen before.

G G says:

A little infuriating seeing the deaf ears in Ottawa once again. Good thing Trudeau wasted 600 million on an unnecessary election when those monies could have been put into building water treatment facilities. We all know how brown face feels about the First Nation people’s. He should also be known as two face.

Google User says:

How's this became inequality? So the local authority ignored perhaps and failed to carry due diligence. How is and why, me as Canadian, responsible for local corrupt leaders? Sorry, I am absolutely perplexed with this video.
And why is this couple realized the danger to their kid now? Why they were not proactive and didn't poke their local authority?
Why the heck our Canadian government is blamed for this negligence? Are these people like babies? Can they take control of their own and their loved ones?

Charles Canzater says:

Just like American tribal lands are poisoned , like Brazil ,like Equedore

D B says:

To understand why 45 communities in Canada cannot drink their tap water you have to understand that people were forced to live in remote communities away from where their traditional lands by the Canadian government in years past. Where these communities are situated is not by choice or based on practicality.

Will Henson says:

Neglect downright neglect creaming off , skimming, plunder at the top ; when man makes gold his object of desire then nature doth fall in to REVOLT!.

spirit says:

Putrid. Like the corn in the area where I live.

Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says:

2 Timothy 3:1 But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last day. Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon 🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again

Tony Grill says:

2 predictions for Christmas 🎅. Bitcoin Will be $100k🇺🇸 and Joe Biden will no longer be President. So because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money.

Sally Donaldson says:

How laughable we get a lecture from Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of the murdering racist dictatorship in Qatar

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