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One America News is launching a brand new social media platform — FINALLY — you have the freedom to express your point of view! JOIN TODAY! #FreeTalk24 #OANN

Visit us at:

Tired of censorship from other social media platforms? Join us on Free Talk
Free Talk is OANs new social platform.
Users can post, chat and connect with other members.
It allows Free Speech at home, on the go and anywhere in the world, No SHADOWBANNING!


Watch OAN Live on KlowdTV subscription prices start at $4.99 /mo


LD QA says:

Download it fast because when they figure out it's a conservative platform they'll remove it from the play store.

robert griffin says:

All those politicians in Washington knows is to spy and lie

DAVID says:

Freedom of speech without surveillance? Not on the internet.

R F says:

It's been a while since I canceled all my social media accounts due to the emergence of cancel culture commies. I hope more and more US loving citizens launch social media platforms that respect our right to freedom of speech.

Morag Mulhooney says:

When I see this: " Place your google Adsense through out the application" and "Connect to Free Talk through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram" I know this is not free speech. This platform will have to abide by all the T&C's of the heavily censored companies mentioned or be kicked off. Nothing but a con.

Carmen Serbia says:

Doesnt work.

Nuby says:

Why did you stop posting on this channel?

Jonathan W.N says:

When they censored President Trump on all major social media platforms, I chose to boycott every single on of them. I don't use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram anymore. I only use Gab (which is a great place for free speech). I'll definitely check out this platform if it protects our first amendment rights.

Robert P says:

Social media needs to be regulated, just like utilities. For the same reasons. Monopolies. No utility can turn your power off, or shut your water off, or stop you from making a phone call, or block your sewer line. I’m not talking for non payment but even then under the regulatory law applicable. Once again, the legislature is too lazy to do what they are being paid to do, promulgate laws to protect the citizens.

Mary McKinney says:

Glad to have you back OAN

William Mi’kmaq says:

Just joined! Excellent platform.

benshivd says:

All sounds great. but we need to be asking the obvious. Who is in control of your software ? and more important your servers/storage.

Teleros says:

I do download the app but can not sign in after entering a username and password.

TurtleIFO says:

Welcome back. I didn’t know where you had gone. Hi to all Patriots worldwide WWG1WGA Q Lithgow Australia cheers 😎😎😎

William Mi’kmaq says:

Boston, Massachusetts is in the house!

WE absolutely have to take the majority back!

CR Smyth says:

Awesome. The sooner we get real free speech platforms that are stable the sooner we can exodus off these big tech plantations

bergstrom oliver says:

One America News!

macroevolve says:

This is great. I hear Trump is contemplating some kind of social media also.

One America News
Trump News Network
More to come

Wen Len says:

Well I'll be damned…been 3 months of radio silence…WELCOME BACK ! Thank God for rumble though!

dckmatrixxx says:

the link is not working

Mya says:

Wondered why oan
Has stopped posting current video. All of them are months old 👎🏼
And Now this COMMERCIAL??

Don Givens says:

What the hell is dashboard?

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