France rolls out new COVID-19 health pass as infections surge

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France has rolled out a new COVID-19 health pass amid a surge in infections which has prompted warnings the country is in the grip of a fourth wave of the pandemic.
From Wednesday, people wanting to visit cinemas, museums, sports matches and other cultural venues will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, a negative test, or recent recovery from the virus.
The health pass will be extended in August to patrons of restaurants, cafés and shopping centres.
The certification scheme forms part of various new measures announced by President Emmanuel Macron on July 12 to curtail the transmission of coronavirus, representing some of the toughest anti-COVID measures in effect in Europe.
Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports.


Angel Killuminati says:

Everyone should be protesting this

Knowledge is Power says:

Covid was not dangour. but now it is very Fierce. government and administration failed to handle mild symptoms virus. how they will handle Fierce virus veriant. saty safe. don't depend on such disgusting people whos prediction never comes true. saty safe from 3rd dangour wave. government is no seriously to save. next day will be very worst for economic crises. every nation hiding fact of Virus dangourness and future fierce impact. be safe.

Crypto Heem says:

They should just adopt China's social credit system and stop playing around. They are trying to constrict individual's movement in a "politically-correct" manner through utilizing a potential lockdown as a means to an end.

ADO says:

Maybe they can tattoo it on our wrist 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

ADO says:

Only people with MRA injections

DirtyDigger says:

Haha,they say for ad long as this virus is a threat,well that's a threat in itself.

Elena Williams says:

This comment section has me wondering how many people know anything about facts and science? They'll trip over their paranoia and fall off the edge of their flat earth!

Bruno Weight says:

Well millions of people are having no part of this!! They have been protesting by the millions all over France so. I would say absolutely reject this but they're going to try to push it all over the world . this is not about covid-19!! Just say no go to restaurants and bars owned by people that aren't doing this to human beings.

Lab MomOF2 says:

Rise up, France! Do not comply!

Anthony Brown says:

We have the same here in the Republic of Ireland . hopefully it works

Wosim Tahan says:

France is going crazy and stupid lie lie lie till you believe it bunch of idiots I hope anyone who promotes this get put in jail

Maa Far says:

The world is insane.

Jaen Martens says:

Staying out of France then.

Eric Von says:

I see the end of Macron on the horizon.

MOha Sendeli says:

Fascist France via Macron

Kongo Queen says:

Heading right to the mark of the beast wake up people wake up

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