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FOX News Primetime 11/15/21 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS November 15, 2021

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What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?

Find out what your real sign should be

FOX News Primetime 11/15/21 FULL
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LBD TNT says:


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truthsought says:

Rosenbaum absolutely πŸ’― did horrible things to little boys between the ages 9 and 11 and this should have been able to to be brought up in court. It's extremely relevant in proving character.

Virgil Jennings says:

They are avoiding the Clinton deal

Brian Springer says:

Free this young man he is a patriot

Ronald Cossin says:

looks and sounds like vigilante Revenge to me, he put himself in that predicament

Streetbob2006 says:

A skateboard is a weapon. A handgun is a weapon. I know a lot of retired and active United States soldiers that could kill the prosecutor with there bare hands. So he can only defend himself with his hands. Good luck. Don't come after me. If I have a gun I will use it to defend myself and others. Because it's the right thing to do. The government sure isn't going to protect me.

Bozo the clown says:

Dont feel sorry for California…
Keep Newsome… Yep…
Corruption up the ass…

Sherry Winkles says:

Hell we know Obama got her in there

Ronald Cossin says:

they make brass deflectors guys not being very bright tonight

Jg ermany says:

Prosecutors are a JOKE

Marilyn Holmes says:

The price to replace a electric car battery over $5,000.00 who but the rich ,can afford that! What is this INSANE ADMINISTRATION doing to our GREAT NATION?

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