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Flower pot falls 34 floors, narrowly misses child in China

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A flower pot that fell from the 34th floor of a residential building narrowly missed landing on a young girl in eastern China’s Anhui province.


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Scott iron says:

Is this communist news channnel?

Ai Gundam says:

People can die if those pots hit their head. Please be more responsible

Noni james says:

Look at her running ha ha ha

Ken Hugehugerod says:

Just up to 1 year jail? Not firing squad? That's unfair 🤣🤣🤣

Guardia cola says:

If people on the top building, throwing things right off the roof; then they are heartless and also idiots.😠 Poor people and kids who got their head bump out from the throw by the idiots. 😔

taladuga picpwaspwat says:

Building code violation, hello…

Do they even have building codes in China?

NatureTube says:

Must be sleepy joe

chiisana0sekai says:

There's a case in my country where some resident threw a freaking broken office chair down a low cost high-rise and it hit some teen below in front of his mother! Teen died.

And all of this because the perpetrator didn't want to carry the office chair down to the dumpster.

Koharumi says:

Nearly got isekai

thomas he says:

There's no wind, so weird and don,t know why they fall off❓❓❓

GuizhongLin89 says:

Can happen anywhere. While China wants to provide affordable urban housing for their citizens to pursue, they also need to vet based on social credit or whatever system they want to use to establish if a person is eligible enough to have such a privilege. Money alone should not be the deciding factor on whether to allow a person to be able reside in high rises. above a certain floor/elevation.

Courtney J. Deangelis says:


Courtney J. Deangelis says:

Great work from they added funds to my PayPal making me and independent single mom of three kids

Tuesday says:

There's absolutely no reason why the woman should be throwing flowerpots that far from the highrise unless she wanted to hit the girl

MrManny says:

This is why some places in asia has those walkways with a shelter. Because what goes up must go down. Can you really trust these people living above you?

Blue Clouds says:

0:48 “a woman has been detained”. I hope she didn’t do it on purpose

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