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Finally Some Good Advice for NATO… From a NATO Member | Big Stories & Beyond With Boris Malagurski

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When mass hysteria goes through the roof, it’s good to hear those who have experience in the specific matter. Especially when it comes to war…

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Tom Johnson says:

RUSSIA to the WORLD – "Become our devoted subjects willingly, so we dont have to use force and look like the bad guy"

Japowitz says:

President Milanovic should call the Turkish President and find out why he is not taking a strong stance against war profiteer NATO.

Goran Snow says:

My President Milanović is son of antifashistic fighter… My first Croatian President Tuđman was Antifashistic fighter and he got 7 medals from Russian Federation

Namarik Marak says:

Putin must be brave and strong as Erdogon.He didn't fear any war nor sanctions.

Kriegswaffen says:

Creepy Joe and Bojo have no issues or hesitations with provoking russia, because NATO will fight russia until the last ucranian citizen and soldier… Good for Croatia, their leader has something called brain.

The Anti-Establishment Hack says:

The trouble begins when you let the USA, and its partner, or is it sidekick? (Like Igor in Young Frankenstein) You know like Baba-Looey the UK in. Rule #1

Khiraas says:

He remembers what happened to croats who supported germany during world war 2, how their entire unit sent to eastern front was destroyed in one day lol


They only assume they are only ✅ rightous and it makes them not to listen other country 's concerns


They forged a world order that only fevers them ! Which is not human at all

Nasser Derakhshan says:

A truly courageous President, I salute your sanity sir.

Jimmy and the Resurrection says:

The leaders want a war because they have a grudge against Putin. Its obvious ! There is nothing going on to deserve a war because of security comcerns to anyone's country. The media is blowing things out of proportion. As usual ! People want peace not a war. The leaders want war to satisfy their egos. They care nothing about the mothers,grands and children who gonna get hurt.


We all know their end game of expanding NATO is to contian Russian 🇷🇺 invade it


The elite in USA and UK can't listen to such wise leader coz they are so selfish and evil world peace

Samoa Soa says:

US is not interested on peace. They intentionally ignore the most important point raised by Russia about NATO stops expansionary program into Ukraine. This was agreed and signed by many countries including US.

John Blazevski says:

The Croatian President sounds like a good man and a leader because he ignores his critics and foreign meddling. Internal nationalists are trouble makers that need to be silenced. Nationalism leads to extremism

Mark Huggins says:

Like he knows what going on..

Purushottam Kumar,Lecturer in Chemistry, says:

For the guarantee of the security,safety & sovereignty of the Ukraine, the USA,the NATO & the Russia must made the Ukraine as a buffer zone and must de escalate all forces along the Ukrainian borders.The Ukraine must not be made as a battleground of the superpowers of the world.

steve coley says:

Vampires (greed) who suck the joy out of life have joined the zombies who eat the futures of their children to create NATO.

polygamous1 Sozou says:

Well done Croatia why should Croats fight n die in America's wars for word domination?

National Bolshevist says:

Fuck Nato Long Live the EAEU

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