Female weightlifter from the Philippines eyes country’s first Olympic gold at Tokyo Games

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With the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games just less than two months away, 30-year-old weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz is preparing for her fourth, and likely last, Olympics with one goal in mind: bringing back the first Olympic gold medal to the Philippines.


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samuricex says:

Did they ban fake women from competing at the Olympics?

jb b says:

So much passion, wish she comes home with the gold medal.

Gan Shiu Kuan says:

nope cancelled, 80% of japan citizens didnt like the idea of covid cases spikes

Justice Warrior says:

Poor girl
All those years competing just to go against a guy in a wig in the Olympics 🤡

MilkANDMagic says:

she gonna go up against that trans dude from new zealnd though…. If she gets second place we all know she the real winner

Mustard Olive says:

Bodybuilder: I identify as a woman.

Fatty Acid says:

More likely she will win Bronze. Silver if she is very lucky. NABIEVA Muattar from Uzbekistan is a lot younger than her. And it is more than likely China will pick LIAO Qiuyun.

Marilou Flake Stardust says:

Pov: you are a filipino and about to make a comment that will help you gain fame by saying you are one

Hugo says:

she would still get it

Joshua CHU says:

lol wait for the transgender instantly defeat all the womens

SottoLwrence says:

Lettsss gooo!!!

Dominic Belza says:

Praying for your success. Thank you for your sacrifice for the nation.

KuKu says:

So you have summoned us.

Джонни Кожаный Гвоздь says:

Women should not do male sports like weightlifting or boxing. It's not feminine OR attractive. Get a clue.

Jarrod Yuki says:

the olympics and national pride are illusions dont sacrifice yourself for your country.

Pale Dude says:

She could easily throw me around

Ooi AC says:

speak about reality being bared

Alpha Second says:

Hope our government support our athlete's even more not just when they're winning.

Mark Ferguson says:

Wish nothing but the best.

SirNnja says:

Not if they cancel lol

Matt says:

With the danger from covid19 this is not the time for the Olympics. Countless lives are at risk

Ricky AMIN says:

Go Go My Girl support from Malaysia 🇲🇾✌🏻

Nigel Chen says:

I think carlos yulo eyeing to get gold also in gymnast.

Lohsqa says:

Man her body made my body loose its self esteem.

すだりあShawn says:

Covid or not, japan is still going to host the games because they don't really have much choice after they've put all of their money and resources into the games, theirs no turning back

Nick Roberts says:

The guy from NZ will win if it goes ahead.

Charlie says:

There’s will a lot of overproud filipino on social media

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