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Dr. Gina Loudon: Executive order on child welfare system will save lives

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President Trump signed an executive order meant to help more foster children find permanent families. One America’s White House Correspondent Jenn Pellegrino has more.

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Richard Willette says:

We need to ban abortion so there’s millions of foster kids!

Larry Samuelson says:

Thank you Dr. Gina.
TRUMP 2020🇺🇸❤🙏🗽

mike b says:

This is obviously more of a campaign commercial than anything else. You say what a great thing trump did but then you fail to say what the order is. Pretty pathetic news piece.

vincent fave says:

Keep the scumbag Joe out of the WH

Not A liberal USA says:

Welfare needs to stop coming into the delivery room to push the father out of the picture !

poolahpot says:

Please be aware of what is happening in minnesota!!!

bitterboi31 says:

So what should happen to parents who abuse or neglect children?

Anna Vajda says:

Yeah if you want to end abortion the childs safety after birth has to be considered.

Alexei Voloshin says:

We need to stop allowing this country to be governed by Executive Orders. This is not a kingdom, and laws are not set by edicts! Congress needs to step up and start doing their job!

American Pie says:

Im sorry to be the one to inform you but this is a Democrat marxist plan for years now. They are putting little boys with homosexual women who hate men and will brainwash little boys into pervy marxists and they are also lowering the standards for adoprive parents. Many ethnic foreignerers wh9 are given citizenship are being given these American children for a paycheck every month from the state. Lowering the standard for adoptions is not a good thing it will lead to an already horrible state adoption record for children who are abused in foster care and by parents who adopt for a paycheck or have a social justice warrior agenda. Horrible for the kids..

Alex S says:

Ahh good so it doubles the odds of placing children into the homes of abusers and pedophiles.

Jay F! says:

I’d take Dr. Gina out for a nice seafood dinner and then call her in two days! 😍

C D Delbert says:

Bullshit. Defund CPS not police! No matter how you spin this, Trump is giving more money to the people who traumatize thousands of families every week and taking away "red tape" that is most likely due process for some parent. Trump is making himself the enemy of every American parent with this order. I think it is high time BOTH the Democrats and Republican parties end. Neither deserve to hold any office in this country. DON'T TAKE THE KIDS FROM THEIR PARENTS. With every child taken this is an act of war on all American parents.

dana robb says:

This has to be over hauled…. Family
. children everything… Corrupt as heck

Derek Langseth says:

cps steals children from Christians and gives them to unbelievers.

Derek Langseth says:

social workers hurt kids.

Derek Langseth says:

government doesnt make familes

Derek Langseth says:

let the children go back to their real biological parents!

Derek Langseth says:

cps kidnaps kids!

Joy777 A says:

Are you kidding? This was already done by Clinton in 1997 in the adoption and safe family act. I completed numerous home studies on family members because of that act and I’m no fan of Clinton or CPS. CPS is always required to look at family and close friends of the immediate family first. (Now whether the actually do it or not I can’t say). This is just a repetitive law. I heard nothing different new in it.

Poes Law says:

Pity Pedo's patrol political parties preventing prosecution priority.

Terri Perry says:

I’ve been working in child welfare for years and we always seek family first and we were never incentivized to place them elsewhere. Fake news.

Rich Pasquin says:

Vicious Dems are destroying my country since they offer nothing but chaos. China loves Joe Biden so much that they bought the whole family. This president has our backs, he will reignite the economy. Vote for patriots/Republicans not politicians. Positive patriots love America and Dems want to destroy it. I can’t imagine anyone in his right mind voting for corrupt old senile Joe Biden, “You ain't black if you vote for Trump”. Well I'm Black and proud to vote for Trump because I love my country. Biden and Pelosi support riots and antifa chaos. Why is Obama worth 200 million now? ALM, all lives matter.

LovedByTheMostHigh YHWH says:


Heuristic ALgorithm says:


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