Does China’s ice hockey squad face an Olympic-sized embarrassment at 2022 Winter Games in Beijing?

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National Hockey League players are set to lace up their skates for a return to the Winter Olympics in 2022 in Beijing. The anticipated talent from the world’s sixth-biggest sporting league is great news for the International Olympic Committee. But as the SCMP’s Patrick Blennerhassett points out, the top skaters could end up giving host China’s men’s ice hockey team a rough time at the tournament.

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Xeronim says:

Let china host table tennis and badminton tournaments, and this dude will say that the chinese will wipe the floor with the opponent's faces (europe and US)

isn't what it is ! says:

Ok hockey thats what's important

Jason Yau says:

As a Chinese Canadian I unfortunately have to agree. There should a a fleet of ambulances on standby for China's men ice hockey team, one for each of their players. They are going to get pancaked, both figuratively and literally.

Christian Calvin says:

was this news really necessary??? and the host. . . .

LovelyYTRocks says:

As a Chinese in Canada who watches hockey, I agree completely. This will be a bigger blowout that we've seen in U20 or U18 games.

Apollon Dios says:

What is this? Did they get this guy just to brag about his team's skills and trash talk another team? What a lack of humility and what a big ego. Compeletely unnecessary and against the spirit of the Olympic games.

invalice says:

smart title

Erina Nagasawa says:

What? Chinese Ice hockey? Because its a traditional Chinese sport ? 😂

Wu Tang says:

don't worry, ice hockey won't be the only embarrassment China faces, we've got a lot of sports to work on

Wai See Tan says:

Unprofessional journalism

niu chajianfa says:

nah nobody in China cares

K M says:

A non English fluent person def. Wrote the script for this video. Lol

niu chajianfa says:

we need ice table tennis

Thought Kernel says:

Bring a tatoo loving hippie to run his mouth a future Game ,One out of Many in the winter games …to bash China's chances ….Western asslicking much ? ..

Thought Kernel says:

What garbage are you selling scmp ?

sweet candy says:

Do they have any whales in Canada? 🐳. No

Anonymous says:

IOC should move the Tokyo 🇯🇵 Games to 2022
– and cancel the Beijing 🇨🇳 2022 Games. A hunan rights-abusive regime can't host an Olympic game.

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